Great Gifts For The Special Man in Your Life

By Jessica Socheski

The holidays are in full swing and that means there are only a couple weeks left before Christmas arrives. So it is definitely time to get your shop on and start tracking down the perfect presents for your loved ones. If you feel stumped about what to find for the man in your life, here are some great gift ideas to really wow your sweetheart.


Buying Presents for Your Partner

It turns out that many people, men and women, feel stumped about how to surprise their significant other. Some recently released statistics unveiled that many people “have no faith in their partners gifting abilities whatsoever,” according to the Daily Mail. Predominantly women were the upset parties because one in five men procrastinate their holiday shopping and some just give cash or nothing to their ladies. So while you may feel a bit apprehensive about what he’s finding for you, the odds that you will discover something great for him are definitely in your favor.


Listening Ahead of Time

Deciding how to shop and what to look for can be pretty puzzling if you are starting from scratch. Especially if your relationship is in its beginning stages, it can prove difficult to determine what sort of item to buy and how much to spend.


A fantastic tip for finding something meaningful and practical that he will love is to keep your ears open throughout the year. Make mental notes or write down actual notes when he mentions something that he loves in a conversation or when you see something he admires when you’re out together. Many times you can totally surprise him with something he really wanted but might have even forgotten about.


Creative Places to Shop

Aside from the power tools isle at the hardware store or video games and sporting equipment, there are some unlikely places to browse for gifts. Creative groomsmen gifts might not just be for a wedding. Stores that specialize in groomsmen presents can have some awesome items that will impress your husband or boyfriend as a Christmas present. Some favorite ideas include:

•Personalized mugs or shot glasses

•Pocket knives

•Office golf sets

•Cool belt buckles


A Present to Look Forward To

If you really want to create a special memory, you can give the gift of time together. Collect movie tickets, restaurant gift cards and other fun certificates to compile a year of date nights as a Christmas gift. Or, book a weekend getaway to take him on after the holidays. For couples with tighter budgets, you can also create homemade coupons for special home cooked dinners, hugs, kisses and whatever else you can come up with.


Gifts that Keep Giving

In the craziness of hunting down the perfect present, it can become easy to lose site of how special this time of the season really is. One of the greatest gifts you can give your guy is quality time for just the two of you. Try starting a fun tradition that just the two of you enjoy around the holidays. Maybe this is curling up with a fire, some coco and a classic Christmas movie. Or it might be taking a nighttime drive to find houses with the best Christmas light displays. Perhaps you will establish an annual ornament or pajama exchange on Christmas Eve.


With these great gift ideas, you are sure to surprise your spouse or boyfriend and make him feel extra loved this Christmas.


Jessica Socheski is a freelance writer who loves researching relationships and weddings. She enjoys unique weddings details. You can check out her writing on Twitter.



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