Have You Seen First Lady Michelle Obama’s New White House Portrait?

By Team BLAM

When I heard that our First Lady Michelle Obama had released a new White House Portrait I, like most of us, was curious to see it. I must say I wasn’t expecting to see Bo the family dog in the picture too.

Apparently, one of the most popular members of the First Family is Bo, the Portugese water dog given to the Obamas by the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Kids who write in will receive this new picture taken in the White House garden and signed by Bo himself with a paw print and all. We love it!

Here’s what the First Lady had to say:

“It is me and Bo and we’re in the garden,” said the first lady of the portrait Monday, the day it was first officially released. “And one of the reasons we did this picture is because we get so many letters from kids, mostly, who want to hear about the garden, they want to see it, and they also want to see Bo. Bo is really the most popular.”

“We’ve heard so many great stories from kids who’ve been inspired and doing things like changing the way their families do things. And those letters are always just a joy to get,” said Mrs. Obama. “So we want to have something a little more tangible than just a letter to give to kids, because often it’s the visual thing that makes it real.”

So, BLAM Fam will you be getting your pen and paper out and helping your children send off a letter so you can get a copy of this new White House portrait?

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  1. M Patient
    M Patient says:

    Please smack the jack ass that puts this picture between Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus!

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