Episode 1: New WebSeries “Staying Together” Examines Black Relationships, Marriage & Family

By Team BLAM

Have you ever seen something, heard something, or gotten a glimpse of something and just knew in your gut that it was…special….that it was going to be BIG? I have and it’s happened on more than a few occasions. The last time it happened was last night when one of my FB friends  dropped a video on my page—but it wasn’t just any video—rather it was an episode of a webseries called Staying Together.

Staying Together is a web series that takes place within the film, “Let’s Stay Together,” by Joshua Bee Alafia. In Episode One, they examine why it’s so hard for folks from the African Diaspora to stay together. Alafia asks “Are we defined by our first tragedy in life? Why are we having such a hard time staying together and raising these youth?”

Hats off to Joshua and his entire team for having the vision and courage to bring forth a webseries and upcoming film that looks at relationships, marriage, and family in the black community and throughout the African diaspora. We need more folks who are willing to stop playing and start pushing. We need more folks who are not afraid to create the much needed dialogue around our pain and our promise as a people so that true and authentic change can occur.

We will be sure to bring you each episode of this awesome webseries as it is released. Episode # 2 will be on the site next week.

Visit Joshua’s website HERE and subscribe to his YOUTUBE channel HERE. Fan the film on Facebook HERE.

BLAM Fam: Remember, we must support what we want to see! Stop Playing. Start Pushing.

5 replies
  1. Jasmine B
    Jasmine B says:

    Thank you for sharing this I watched all three videos.I am glad we
    are talking about this I feel this deep in my soul.

  2. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    Let us keep this dialogue going. When we talk we figure things out.

  3. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Love it! We can always depend on blam to hip us to good stuff. Love yall.

  4. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    This was deep. Thanks for sharing.

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