Help Your Teenager Steer Clear Of Being Influenced By “Bad” Kids

By Oretha Winston

Teenagers are a breed of their own.

Sometimes teenagers are exploring and trying to find out where they fit in. And sometimes this means sacrificing their own morals for the sake of having friends. I have taught teens for over 20 years now. I can tell you first hand that banning them , or blocking them will not help. They will just find a way around you.

Cleverly keep your child away from the influence. As parents, we have the control ultimately but I would expose my child to other kids/activities. Be very pro active in your child’s life. Try to come up with activities that would steer the child away from certain people. Eventually, your child will see they can meet other people who have a better interest in them.

There are many reasons why your child changes their social circle. One reason that parents can’t separate their child from a bad friend is that the friend often has a stronger relationship. When a child is young, his parents are the major influence in his life. As children enter adolescence a change occurs. A natural part of growing up is breaking away from parents and making bonds with peers. This is normal. If the parent child bond is healthy, children will eventually renew their ties with their parents. This happens in the late teens or early twenties.

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