How Do I Chase My Dreams And Raise My Child As A Single Mom

VIDEO: I am a mother to a four year old boy.He is the most precious to me and i want to give him a great life.Therefore being a full time mother to him is most important priority.I am a very hands on mother.I do the school runs, arts and crafts, library visits, leisure time, home schooling, e.t.c..I also work part time to make ends meet.I want to be a Naturopath requires for me to attend university.I was juggling motherhood, work and studies last year and due to the pressure, the studies didn’t go to well so I decided to put it on hold for now.Having said all that, How do I chase this career path whilst holding a job and being a mother at the same time?Some times it feels like the whole world is on my shoulders?Help???

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  1. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Great Vid Fam

  2. MsDivaOneLuv812
    MsDivaOneLuv812 says:

    I love this video – Because we (as parents) sacrifice so – resulting in ungratefulness. In order for them to appreciate what they have, maybe they must have a little struggle of their own.

  3. Tiana
    Tiana says:

    Spoken with such clarity. I love yall.

  4. Kapri
    Kapri says:

    EXCELLENT ADVICE as usual. I really like that piece you said about "just enough" Ayize

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