Jada Pinkett-Smith says she wants to “BURN” And That It’s The Beginning Of A New Love For Her Husband

By Team BLAM

Wow!!!! Jada Pinkett-Smith says she wants to “BURN”.  Burn, not in a painful, dreaded, and negative sense ….but burn, as in continue to explore the intensity of the intimacy she has with her husband.

The very personal and emotional song she wrote titled, “Burn,” is dedicated to her husband Will Smith.

Jada’s new music video features her on the set with her band “Wicked Wisdom.”

Before the video begins, she explains the meaning behind the song in Spanish.

Here’s what she said in Spanish:

“This song that I’m about to sing is very important to me because it’s the beginning of a new love for my husband. After 17 years, I never though I could love him even more. Here’s Burn”

Check out Jada’s new music video below:

4 replies
  1. LaSheika
    LaSheika says:

    Very nice. I didn't know Jada could sing like that, either.

  2. Karol
    Karol says:

    Yayyyy I'm happy for the Smith's. I didn't know Jada could sing like that.

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