Know It Or Not…You Always Have A Testimony

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By Team BLAM

It’s easy to go through life and fail to pay attention to the small steps of progress we make on our journey.  We’re conditioned to think that the “impossible” leaps are the only movement worthy of recognition and applause.  This simply isn’t so.  Everything that you’ve done has led you to this point.  You’ve overcome obstacles, you’ve confronted minor and major challenges, in so many ways you’ve won.  Because you are here… because of your experiences…KNOW IT OR NOT….YOU DEFINITELY HAVE A TESTIMONY.  Someone in the world is waiting to hear your story.

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  1. Shani Keys
    Shani Keys says:

    So True!!

  2. simple2complex
    simple2complex says:

    I love you guys this is a real inspiration? to me! thank you, ps how can i contact you privately i have some questions.

  3. Sally Akerti
    Sally Akerti says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this.i really love your vids.

    Much Love.?

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