Letters To My Daughters – Part 2: Health

By Neysa Ellery Taylor

Dear Asyen and Maya,So, how did you like Part 1?  Well, here is Part 2 – Health.  Quit laughing.  I know, I know.  My health isn’t the best.  But I can still tell you what not to do, right?  So here goes..1 – Never work out.  Ever.  Instead find what you enjoy doing and do it.  If you love rock climbing, then climb rocks.  If you love dancing, then dance.  If you love running, then run.  I like walking.  I like the silence and time to myself.  I love dancing but it’s hard finding adult dance classes.  Unfortunately, many adults stop doing what they love when they get older.  Don’t you stop.  Always do something that feeds you and works your heart! To be honest, I hate the gym.  I really do.  I always feel like a gerbil on a wheel inside the gym.  But I do enjoy taking advantage of the Y pool in the summer so I keep a membership.  So if you2 – Drink water.  Drink lots of water.  It helps in so many ways.  I don’t like it, but it is important to drink it.  And don’t add anything to it except real lemon.3 – Make poo.  Poo is important.  Very important.  I know it is gross.  I know most people don’t talk about it, but trust me, digestive health is very important.

4 – Get your wellness check ups.  With the way insurance rates are rising and personal budgets are declining, lots of people stop going to get wellness visits with their doctor.  Go at least once a year for a check up.  See where you are on the medical tests.  Discuss your family history with your doctor.  Set a health goal and go for it!  Knowledge is power especially when it comes to your health.

5 – Wear your retainer.  Wear your retainer.  Wear your retainer.  Why?  Because your dad and I did not wear  our retainer and our teeth are shifting.  And who wants braces twice in a lifetime?  No one!  So after your braces come off, please wear your retainer faithfully.

6 – Trust yourself.  If you feel that something is wrong with your body, trust yourself.  Seek answers.  Don’t let doctors give you a just any old diagnoses.  Remember my tummy?  I never would have gotten any relief if I didn’t push the doctor for more.  You know your body.  Trust yourself when it comes to your body.

7 – Eat to live.  Try to eat more veggies and fruit than everything else.   Don’t waste your time eating crap.  Eat items that you love (Asyen – cheesecake, Maya – chips) in moderation.

Ok, so this is just 7 tips for heath.  Here is a disclaimer:  I get to add more as I see fit.  (But you knew that was coming, right?)

Love you more everyday!

Neysa Ellery Taylor is an integral part of the writing team here at Blackloveandmarriage.com. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Chris, and their 4 children – Asyen, Maya, Preston, and Patrick. An Emmy-Award winning journalist, she hopes to share her passion for marriage and God through her writing. You can read more of her work atMyriadthatisme.blogspot.com