Meet America’s Supernanny…Deborah Tillman!

By Team BLAM

Remember Supernanny? You remember Jo Frost, the British even tempered no-nonsense angel that took on the daunting task of helping desperate parents gain control of their children and their lives? Sure you do. Well, guess what? America’s Supernanny is coming to town and I can’t wait to see what tricks she will have up her sleeve.

Deborah Tillman is the star of Lifetime TV’s new reality series, America’s Supernanny.

According to Lifetime:

“Tillman is an accountant turned lawyer that faced every working mom’s biggest fear: bad childcare. No matter how many interviews, no matter how rigorous the vetting process, Tillman and her husband just could not find the care they were looking for. “We went through 7 childcare providers in three months,” America’s Supernanny says.

On one of her trademark “pop up” visits, she caught the unsuspecting nanny giving her son, Zeplyn, a bottle with cereal in it, even though she was breastfeeding (yayyy Supernanny!) and left explicit instructions to only feed her son the expressed milk she provided.

On the straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back “pop up” visit, she found her baby in the bassinet which had been pushed up against the wall. The wall was holding up the bottle and her baby was sucking air.

“I quit my job the next day,” Tillman says.”

So how did America’s Supernanny get the job? According to The Washington Post Tillman’s “extensive kid-centric background caught the attention of Shed Media, the LA production company behind the Lifetime series. They actually held an open casting call that got hundreds of applicants. However, they just couldn’t find what they were looking for. That lead the company to contact Tillman to find out whether she would be interested.

After a series of interviews, screen tests, and a trip to California to meet with executives, she was hired as “Supernanny”.

I just love that story. When you are doing your best you–miracles show up. 🙂 I’ll definitely have my Tivo ready to record the premiere which is TONIGHT at 9pm EST on Lifetime. I won’t be able to watch it right away because we’ll be TEACHING & HAVING REAL TALK. 😉

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  1. rosemarie grey
    rosemarie grey says:

    How can you help my family? I’m as single mom w/two disrespectful boys, ages 7 + 8?

  2. LaShanda D. Douglas
    LaShanda D. Douglas says:

    Can I meet u in person

  3. LaShanda D. Douglas
    LaShanda D. Douglas says:

    Hello, Mrs. Tillman do you have any opening at your center

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