Money Issues In Your Relationship? There’s An App For That…Really.

By Aiyana Ma’at

An app for this. An app for that. It seems like these days there’s an app for just about anything. I thought I’d seen it all until I discovered an app that claims  it can help you look your money habits squarely in the eye, discover what you really believe about money and see how they impact the relationships in your life. Really? Really.

According to HabitChanger founded by Larry Tobin & Carey White their app, Money & Relationships, can really help you to get to the root cause of your money issues within your relationship and help you and your partner understand yourselves and the way you impact each other more fully. Does it really work? Who can really say unless they’ve tried it for themselves? Ayize and I just might try it for ourselves. 😉 If we do, we’ll definitely report back to you our results. In the meantime, here’s a little more about it. If you try it, let us know how it goes for you and your boo!

Here’s What You Get When You Start HabitChanger’s 42 Day Program Plan:

~A 42 day program with a new challenge every day that helps you specifically address the underlying habits that are driving your behavior.


~The daily challenges, delivered through email, make you aware of your habits and provide you with the tools to create new and healthier habits.


~The challenges provide support, ideas, and inspiration that’s positive, honest, and practical.


~At the completion of the 42 days, you will have retrained yourself in the way you react, allowing you to overcome old behavioral patterns.

“In any relationship, money can be a sensitive topic. Your own values and habits around money directly affect your partner, loved one, or even a roommate. Money & Relationships is a 42+ day program designed to help you look at your current money beliefs and habits, and how they impact the relationships in your life. We address the root of the behavior that keeps creating money issues in your relationships and help you build new fundamental skills and habits that will inspire trust and intimacy.”