Tired Of Being Stuck. Tired Of Being The Victim.

By Briana Myricks

There’s some people who tackle problems head on and there’s others who try to ignore it and hope that it goes away. I’ve been both of those people. Right now, I’m really kicking myself for being the latter. This year has been the absolute worst for me financially for obvious reasons. But I’m drowning in debt. At this point, I have to rob Peter to pay Paul, and then here comes Joseph telling me I owe him money too. It’s so frustrating and it gives me anxiety, which triggers my depression, which shuts my entire productivity down.

My problem is I know better. I’ve always known better. I’ve never been able to play dumb about what was right and what was stupid. But for some reason I just continued to play stupid. It wasn’t smart, and now it’s catching up to me. Along with my personal loan from Lending Club, combined with my credit card debt, on top of my constantly overdrafted checking account, not to mention my always empty savings account, there’s a nice new debt that I owe: I owe my stepdad $500. Why? Because I got a ticket for speeding (which later ended up in an emotional breakdown) that I didn’t go to traffic school for. So the insurance went up an extra $500! Safe to say nobody’s happy with this. As if the $400 ticket wasn’t enough at the time. I have no one to blame but myself. I can use the excuse “I didn’t know how traffic school worked” and I really didn’t but it’s not good enough.

I’m not accepting any more excuses from myself. I’m tired of feeling like this. I’m tired of being the victim. I’m tired of making bad decisions. I’m tired of saying “I wish I wish I wish”. And honestly, this is more than about debt. I’m tired of saying how fat and unhealthy I am. I’m tired of not liking who I am or where I am in life. I’ve never wanted to become this person, yet here I am, a week away from my 21st birthday and no where close to where I want to be as a person. I can’t keep being concerned about other people and not concerned about myself. How am I supposed to be a role model when I’m at this point in my life?

So here’s to doing what I should’ve done a long time ago: getting my friggin life together!

I’m Briana, a 20 year old newlywed and freelance writer/blogger. I was engaged to my high school sweetheart when I started my blog, 2oandengaged.com, and we married after being together for almost 4 years. We decided to ditch the expensive “dream wedding” and opted for a courthouse ceremony instead. After being laid off, I started an online business of freelance writing, sites and services called Engaged Media.  You can check out more of my writings at www.20andengaged.com

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  1. Shara
    Shara says:

    This is so real! I love it!

  2. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    Writing this took a lot of honesty and courage. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Tiffany Roberts
    Tiffany Roberts says:

    I was goin through the same thing. I just had to shut it down and just pay the things that was most important. Sometimes you gotta do that when you get caught-up like that

  4. Moyo
    Moyo says:

    I see that statement in myself. Hell, I need to go pay a bill right now!

  5. Angie
    Angie says:

    I wish I had the insight you have at 20.

  6. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    It took a lot of courage to share this. Your transparency was truly a blessing to me.

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