Woman I’m Working…..Why Are You Unhappy Now?

VIDEO: Far to often we encounter couples that experience difficulty in balancing roles in their relationship. For instance….when a man is unemployed there is occasionally an energy of tension in the relationship. Surprisingly when that same man becomes employed again there seems to still be some tension when he chooses to solely focus on work. We discuss the reasons why in this video.

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  1. Patricia Knight
    Patricia Knight says:

    Great advice, you two! The key as always is balance.

    I for one, am perturbed just by the thought of a man not working. Nothing I can think of would make a marriage more unstable. Sit and talk to me when you get home from the job! If you ain't went to work, I don't want to talk…..at all!! I'd expect him to be gone….out looking for work!

  2. Black D.
    Black D. says:

    Unemployment is a really sensitive subject and women need to pull up when it comes to their comments. A man's ego is attached to his money so ladies please be mindful when you speak.

  3. Sincerity
    Sincerity says:

    Yes we want you to work and yes we want a happy and healthy relationship. Is it too much to ask to have both?

  4. geniustic
    geniustic says:

    yall gotta youtube chris rock – satisfying women and relationships lol? its the same thing sometimes you cant please people

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