VIDEO: Barack & Michelle Discuss Their First Date


Obama recalls how the first date with his future wife was lunch at the Art Institute of Chicago, ending the afternoon with a trip to a cinema to watch the Spike Lee film Do The Right Thing.

As Michelle recalls:

“It was a cool date, we spent the whole day together, he was showing me all facets of his character. We went to the Art Institute.”

Barack then points at the camera and says: “Art – guys out there, it impresses people.”

The couple then “took a nice long walk down Michigan Avenue,” according to Michelle:

“He showed all the sides – he was hip, cutting edge, cultural, sensitive,” she said.

Barack adds: “Take tips gentlemen.”

The couple went on to marry in 1992, and now look at them!

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  1. leaflets
    leaflets says:

    My husband & I are going to a Halloween party on Saturday & were thinking of going as Barack and Michelle Obama(we can't think what else to go as!).

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