VIDEO: Viola Davis Wears Her Hair Natural At The Oscars. Husband Says “Step Into Who You Are”

Viola Davis is covering up less and less these days, thanks to some encouragement from her husband.

During a private dinner party in Los Angeles recently, Davis recounted a message from hubby Julius Tennon. “He said, ‘If you want to wear it for your career, that’s fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are,’” she said.

Davis, who stepped out at the Oscars looking absolutely gorgeous with her natural said she’s not sure if she’ll revert back to wearing her fake hair anytime soon. “We’ll see,” she said. “I think I’ll change it up every once in a while. It gives me flavor. It makes me feel like I’m spicing up my life a bit.” []




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  1. simone
    simone says:

    she looks younger!!! i honestly believe that the wigs aged her.

  2. kuon
    kuon says:

    she looks so beautiful.

  3. Yana
    Yana says:


  4. Dee
    Dee says:

    Once again, natural is being respected!!! I love it.

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