VIDEO: What Would You Do If Your Son Said He Feels Like A Girl?

By Nadine Smith

Betsy and Ron, friends of mine who are also members of Equality Florida, were up north late last year visiting family when they stopped for a meal at a roadside diner. Behind their booth they could hear a woman berating her child for identifying as transgender. Betsy and Ron are also PFLAGers, and they couldn’t sit by in silence as the teenager sobbed beneath the mother’s abuse. They spoke up and engaged them both, comforting the teen and educating the mom.


Only then did Betsy notice a tall fellow striding her way who looked very familiar. Then she saw the cameraman. They were set up for the television show “What Would You Do?”.

So, BLAM Fam…What Would You Do?


Nadine Smith has been executive director of Equality Florida since its inception in 1997, and was executive director of its predecessor, the Human Rights Task Force of Florida, prior to that. She joined the organization in 1993 after serving as one of four national co-chairs on the 1993 March on Washington and taking part in the historic, first-ever meeting between LGBT leaders and a sitting U.S. president (Clinton) in the White House. She began her activism in college in 1986 and served on the founding board of the International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organization, a group that continues to be a resource for young people across the globe. Follow her on twitter:

Source: Huffingtonpost

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  1. ludeamara
    ludeamara says:

    muito bom..!

  2. Candace
    Candace says:

    I would absolutely support my child. We've got to support our children when they tell us who they are!

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