10 Tips To Help You Write Your Wedding Vows

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1. Get a clean and nice sheet of paper. On the left portion of the paper write down numbers 1 to 10. After that proceed by writing without even thinking about what you will answer, just write down whatever 10 things that will first come to mind in response to this phrase “I love (my lover/partner’s name) for the reason of…” After writing it all set aside your paper.

2. Get another sheet of paper and in there write about all the things that you will promise to your partner, what are the good things you want to bring in with the union of hearts.

For example:
I will promise to be there with you during all kinds of moments either good times or bad.
I promise to remain faithful for eternity
I promise to share all blessings and resources with you.

3. Think about how you want to address your partner in front of others, whether it is Spouse, Wife, Husband, Hubby, and Partner for life?

4. After steps 1-3 you may now take a break from preparing for your wedding vows. Keep the papers that you’ve so far written on and instead spend time with your partner, do something together that will provide fun and excitement to both of you and remember this moment once you continue with writing your wedding bows.

5. After that shared moment, its time to make a separate wedding vow, you can make it totally unique from each other but here’s a great tip, if you are intent on writing a unique vow from each other, make sure to add a sentence or paragraph that has some similarities with the other person’s vow. This will express and symbolize a union within the both of you and at the same time maintaining your individuality.

6. Going back to the different sheet of papers you’ve written on in the first and second steps. It is best that you work together and compare what you’ve written in the statements and promises portion. Use a highlighter to highlight where you wrote the same thing and remember the parts where you differ.

7. Choose from the list 4 or 5 things that you and your partner wants, four or five reasons why you love each other and four or five promises you want to say to each other.

8. Copy all of these on another clean sheet of paper.

9. A wedding vow should include a promise of a time frame, most wedding vows consists of phrases like “For the rest of my days”, “For as long as eternity”, etc. Choose the proper phrase that expresses a promised time frame for your love to each other. It’s your call on what will you use.

10. Last thing after you’ve written your wedding vows is to practice reading it to someone that you trust. Read it aloud and afterwards ask the person how it sounded like? Does it sound sincere? Is it touching? Is it okay enough to create a wonderful wedding vow? Whatever the input that person might tell you, put it in mind and try to improve it if it still lacking in message and content. If the person you trust told you that it is already a perfect wedding vow, then it’s high time to celebrate and congratulate each other for a job well done as a husband and wife.

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