4 Ways to Talk to Your Long-term Boyfriend About Marriage Plans

4 Ways to Talk to Your Long-term Boyfriend About Marriage Plans

Cohabitation is quickly becoming the norm in the US. National Health Statistics Reports reveals that 48 percent of women cohabitated with their future spouses before marriage. For some women, this was a quick stop on the way towards marriage. For others, it goes on for years and years. If you’re in a solid relationship and your boyfriend doesn’t have any moral opposition to marriage, it’s time to bring up the conversation.

In Sickness and Death

No one wants to think about their boyfriend getting sick or dying, but it’s especially traumatic if you can’t see him in the hospital because you aren’t next of kin. Talk to your boyfriend about the legal benefits you receive as a spouse that allows you to see each other in the hospital and handle legal inheritance in the event of death.

Talk Openly About Your Life Together

You don’t want to be passive aggressive about your interests. If you’ve been dating and living together for a few years and you’re both looking to settle down, talk directly about your long term plans. The Date Report recommends getting over any anxiety related to talking about marriage. If you’re sure about your relationship, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed when talking about your future together. Lay out your expectations and find out his thoughts on the matter.

Discuss the Financial Benefits

This is a strictly practical approach, but it’s possible that if your boyfriend is content in the relationship, he doesn’t see a point in getting married for emotional reasons. Perhaps he feels that it’s more of a religious concern or has another objection. When you point out the monetary benefits of marriage, however, he sees the practical side of it. How Stuff Works reports that many couples pay significantly less in income taxes when married than when filing as single. This is particularly true for couples who have disparate income,

In addition, it’s also much easier to get coverage through your partner’s health and pension benefits when you’re legally married. Some workplaces do offer benefits to couples who live together, but it’s not a requirement. Other financial benefits include lower insurance rates and avoiding estate tax.

Discuss Ring Preferences

You don’t have to sacrifice the surprise behind a proposal once the right time rolls around. For many women, however, it’s important to talk about ring styles beforehand. If your potential ring style is important to you, give him your ring size and check out the engagement rings at Macy’s or your local jeweler, so he knows exactly what you like. Ideally, you’ll also want to set a ring budget so you aren’t taking out loans to pay for your wedding jewelry, so you start your wedded life without adding debt.