Check Out These Practical Reasons For Having A Winter Wedding

By Harvey Mcewan

There is many a benefit to choosing a winter wedding as opposed to the very popular and somewhat cliched summer affair with sunny photos, bright florals and a garden party.


Due to so many people choosing to wed during the summer, the winter months are a cheaper time of year to tie the knot. In fact, many venues advertise special winter deals and offers to entice people to book then instead of the busiest summer period. Savings can be astonishing so look into a package deal. You can even expect service to be more personal as staff have more time on their hands to attend to each couple and their requirements.


With winter a less popular season, venues are also less likely to be booked out very far in advance as they tend to be in the summer. This is good news to engaged couples who don’t want to wait 2 years or longer to say their I dos.


Snow makes for an amazing addition to a winter wedding. Though this is never guaranteed, if it arrives on time, your outdoor wedding pictures will look even more spectacular. Imagine yourself and your partner striking a pose against a beautiful backdrop of snow-covered trees and a frozen lake or pond. The colour couldn’t be more appropriate for a wedding!


A factor many people might not even consider is how much easier it is to appreciate a three course meal in the winter than during the summer when the heat affects people’s digestive systems. In the summer, people can really struggle to finish their portions, while in the winter they’ll be happy for the chance to warm up with some tasty food. Besides, the menu should reflect the season so think of all the gourmet goodies it could feature, from hearty soups to chunky pieces of steak.


Wintry venues in the city could include hotels, local attractions such as museums and botanic gardens, and other, more obscure event venues. So, if you’re thinking about tying the knot in the Winter, go for it!

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  1. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    My husband and I got married in the winter. It worked for us because we were students and that was the only time we could get away for a honeymoon. Our wedding and reception was held at a church, so no problem booking the location. The church was already decorated with poinsettias (we got married four days before Christmas), so our floral bill was slashed. The violin and piano duet we hired were students at the college I was attending, so they provided the music for alot less money than professional musicians would have. The wedding coordinator owned a catering business and floral shop, so that was all packaged. Small wedding; about 50 people. Beautiful; it looked like a winter wonderland when we left the church. My dress was purchased off the rack, and was perfect for a winter wedding.

    God is good, thanks for the article and trip down memory lane! It'll be 22 years this December,
    and although the wedding was beautiful, the marriage is better! It's still the best decision we could've made! Maybe I'll dig the photos out of the attic and show our teenaged daughter!

    Folks, marriage is for Black People, too! It's the best way this side of Heaven I know to live!

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