Is It Tacky To Ask For Money As A Wedding Gift?

By Jason

It is a long-time tradition among various cultures across the world to give gifts in weddings. Couples usually receive a wide range of items as gifts from family members, friends, relatives, and colleagues. Most of the time the people to give gifts consider it good to ask the bride and the groom an opinion on what they would want best as a gift. This is to avoid different people giving the same type of item as a gift. Some couples find themselves at a cross-road on what to ask for as gifts. One of the stunning issues which have been thorny to most of the couples is whether to ask for money as wedding gift. As much as most couples are usually overwhelmed by much spending, people find it tawdry to ask for money as wedding gift.

Most of the cultures across the world do not find it socially right not only to give money as a wedding gift, but also to receive it. As much as money can be helpful to receive in a wedding, it is one of those that cannot be effective as a wedding gift. However, this does not mean that folks cannot give financial help when couples are at a crunch. If the couples have to ask for financial help to finance their wedding cost, then it is best done separately, and not asked as a wedding gift. Requesting money to specifically fund your honeymoon is considered not a good etiquette, and can easily annoy those who are in attendance.

Traditionally, matters regarding funds to finance the wedding are supposed to be handled by close members of the family. Parents from both camps are supposed to make sure that the budget is right just before the event kick-starts. Requesting cash for gifts for the wedding is likely to offend people as it is considered rude. As an alternative way of raising funds for your wedding, a lean budget can be observed, by reducing out unnecessary expenditures. This is possible, without denying your guests a nice wedding instead of throwing a wedding to receive money in the name of gifts.

The best way to have financial assistance in terms of cash is to join a wedding registry. A wedding registry lets friends, family members, relatives and colleagues contribute to the wedding kitty early before the day that you tie the knot. Wedding registry is popular on-line, where the couples send on-line invitation cards together with the details concerning their wedding project and the account they can make contributions through. This can be an appropriate means compared to the inapt cash request.

Different cultures have different traditions of making their contributions to a wedding kitty. Common in European societies, bridal purse is a popular means of giving some cash gifts in silk purses. They are normally circled round the guests who are willing to give the couples checks or cash. However, it is not that the couples ask for the cash gifts, guests give out willingly as a wedding tradition. So if you have to ask for cash as a wedding gift, make sure it is morally accepted in that social group.