PROPOSAL VIDEO: Shout Out To Korey & Chelsea–Going To The Next Level TOGETHER!

By Team BLAM

If you don’t know by now (or maybe you’re new to us here at—we are about EDUCATION, ELEVATION, AND CELEBRATION OF HEALTHY MARRIAGES, RELATIONSHIPS, & FAMILIES in the black community in particular and in the world in general. So, when we got the below email from a member of the BLAM fam we were just delighted to share with the rest of the fam. We’ve all got to do our part to encourage and celebrate one another as we hit major milestones in our lives and commit to stop playing & start pushing! 😉 SHOUT OUT TO KOREY & CHELSEA!!! This newly engaged couple is “stepping their game up” and going to the next level in love and life together.


Check out Chelsea’s email to us below and their proposal video!

 I see that you all have recently shared a few proposal videos! My boyfriend, Korey (24, I am 25) of 2 years, best friend of 4, just proposed to me Feb. 26th, 2012 in front of our whole church family!!

I really hate to sound so cliche but we have had sooo many ups and downs that brought us to this moment and place of maturity, clarity and peace with each other and wit the Lord. We are planning to get married this December and I wanted to share our video with the Ma’ats because we both truly are passionate about the same principles that you all teach! Thank you for your passion and commitment 🙂

I am currently in school to be a professional counselor and marriage/family/relationships will ALWAYS be what I “preach” about. Our goal as a couple is to write books and have a non-profit organization where we do similar work that you do to strengthen marriages in the Black community and do our part to educate people and lower divorce.

*You can probably here the nerves in his speech patter of repeating “so” LOL… I LOVE THIS MAN WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!

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  1. Umkhonto we Sizwe
    Umkhonto we Sizwe says:

    Congratulations to you Both! I wish you many wonderful years of Black Looooveeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brandi
    Brandi says:

    I just love "black love"!!!

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