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55 Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating On You

Here are some signs that can tip you off that you may have a cheating husband or cheating wife. Of course this list is for informational purposes only and should not be used as an excuse to go and whoop your partner’s a$$.  If you’re feeling uncertain about the connection you have with your partner […]

10 Tips To Make Married Sex……THE BEST SEX!!!

By Aiyana Ma’at Sex is awesome. Sex is soooo gooood. And sex is the BEST with my husband and best friend Ayize! WHEW! Don’t get me started! We fortunately have always had an intense sexual connection and curiosity that has allowed us to explore freely with each other and go to new unchartered territory and […]

Why In The Hell Are We Always Arguing?

If arguments were all you saw and heard growing up then it may feel natural to argue a lot. Truthfully you might get a high, an adrenaline rush from the excitement that arguing brings. But whatever the cause, chronic arguing brings problems – and not just for the neighbors…BUT…for your relationship and your family. Yes, […]

I’ve Discovered That I Have Super Powers…..And You Do Too!!

What’s up Fam, Hope you’re doing well today.  I’m doing pretty good.  I had a moment this morning that made me realize something special about myself.  Truth be told, it actually put me in sync with something that I already knew….but really don’t always pay that much attention to. Check it…..I was laying in the […]