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IT ONLY TAKES ONE PERSON TO CHANGE A RELATIONSHIP. PERIOD. It takes two to tango. A good relationship is 50/50. You do your part and your partner has to do theirs, right? At least that’s what’s been said and touted in the relationship world since well…..forever. But, today you’ve come across this article to unlearn […]

I’ve Discovered That I Have Super Powers…..And You Do Too!!

What’s up Fam, Hope you’re doing well today.  I’m doing pretty good.  I had a moment this morning that made me realize something special about myself.  Truth be told, it actually put me in sync with something that I already knew….but really don’t always pay that much attention to. Check it…..I was laying in the […]

Fatherhood and The Central Park Five

On 5/19/2019 I had the fortunate experience of attending a Q & A following a screening at the SVA Theatre of Ava Duvernay’s “When They See Us”. This 4 part mini series is a dramatic depiction of Korey Wise, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, and Raymond Santana’s youth being stolen from them as they […]