13 Ways To Be Intimate WITHOUT Having Sex

This is a guide to show you how to be more intimate with your partner without having sex.


  1. One of many things you can do to be more intimate is to play games with each other that you and just a friend would never play. For example, you want to make a kiss more interesting by kissing in different areas like their neck.
  2. Tease your partner! Just be sure that your partner knows it is just a joke and has some sense of humor to digest the tease!
  3. For women: Steal his wallet while you two are kissing. (This is recommended only if you two have been together for a while.) This will usually cause him to kiss you again so you are more caught up in the kiss while he is busy stealing his wallet back.
  4. For men: Women don’t need a wallet to steal. They have “back pockets.” If they stole your wallet that opens up the option for you to explore their “back pockets.” But if they are not ready for or you are not ready for “pocket action”, don’t be afraid to say so!
  5. When making out, if you have made out before, make the make-out session more interesting by swirling your tongue around on the tip of their tongue before pulling away from the kiss. Make sure to be slow in doing this. This is sure to send shivers down their spine, and make them want more.
  6. Another fun “game” to play when making out is to steal each-others gum, tic tacs, or whatever you may have. Just make sure, when you are trading off, not to trade a bunch of spit too unless they you know they like that.
  7. Another fun game to play which works especially well if your partner isn’t very good at kissing is to to tell them not to move an inch and start to kiss them how you like it. This could be on the mouth, neck ect. However if they start to join in and they are doing what you were hoping they would do…Don’t stop them!
  8. Teasing the other person with your kisses can be fun. But for some it makes them frustrated and angry. Make sure you know how they react to things before you try playing “hard to get.” Some things to do to tease with a kiss are to: go in for a kiss then stop as your lips brush, and then pull back and smile. This will cause them most of the time, to come in more aggressively for a kiss.
  9. Also, go in for a kiss and kiss your partner gently on the lips, then to the jawline and kiss along there, linger just for a few seconds around their ear, this allows your partner to hear your breathing and often gives the person ‘tingles’ or ‘goosebumps’, and in general is rather nice for them. then from the ear move down onto the neck and kiss them there for a short while, then eventually, return to the lips and find out just how much they enjoyed this little detour by seeing how desperate they are to kiss you. This works especially well on girls.
  10. Another teasing kiss to try would be you go in for a kiss and kiss them, but before you pull away to touch their bottom lip with your tongue as if you were going in to make out, you pull away. This will also make them pull you back most of the time, for another kiss.
  11. Also another fun thing to try is wrestling. Not necessarily on the floor or on a bed (this could lead to other things) but if you are “pretend fighting” over things like tickling each other. This is fun and it helps with bonding.
  12. Girls: Rest on your partners chest for a second while you’re kissing then lean back and your partner will want a little more than a small touchy kiss! (This may lead to other things)
  13. Overall, remember to have fun with each other. Being in a relationship means more than just the physical aspect of it. Remember to accept flaws.


  • Before making out or playing any of the games that go along with making out, make sure to brush your teeth! No one likes bad breath!
  • Just cuddle! Human touch is comforting, and often a great way to… interest people. A cuddle can stay a cuddle, turn into a kiss, or even more. It depends on how you cuddle. Head on shoulder contact stays friendly, but lower hands or prolonged chest-to-chest contact goes further.
  • Be adventurous. Don’t do the same old thing every time you’re together.
  • Don’t always go for a makeout session. Only do it when the mood feels right and you are both feeling it.
  • Respect each others’ boundaries. Including your own.
  • Look into his eyes and smile.
  • Make sure not only to rely on the physical aspect of your relationship but also to connect and talk with the person you’re with. This makes a relationship a great and rewarding one.
  • Tell you partner how much you love him/her.
  • Spend quality time together.
  • Make sure you know how far you can go with your partner. The last thing you want is being rejected and feeling guilty.
  • A good atmosphere usually have very rewarding results.
  • Compliment each other.
  • Tell your partner what you like, and what you don’t prefer.


  • Some of these tips could lead to sex. If that’s not what you want, say so! Don’t be afraid to speak up.


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