20 Secret Thoughts Men Have DURING Sex.

By: Ayize Ma’at & other anonymous Brothas

Attention Women,

Here’s a public service announcement.  We love you, adore you, cherish you and appreciate all that you do for us, with us, and to us.  Well maybe not all of it…but much of what you do elevates us.  Therefore, in the interest of expanding your understanding of us…we’ve (7 Brothas… 4 named and 3 anonymous) chosen to expose you to some of the secret dialogue that goes on in our minds when we’re givin’ “IT” to you like you never got “IT” before. LOL  Enjoy…..

20 Secret Thoughts Men Have During Sex.

1.  Why are you so dry?

2.  How many times I got to tell you to arch your back?

3.  Damn your teeth hurt.

4.  I love you.

5.  Is she really enjoyin’ this “For Real” or “Fakin – It”

6.  It’s been 2 months….why are you so loose?  Hmmmm?

7.  Damn… I’m about to cum.

8.  Uhhh…. Cashmere, Pinky, Duvalle,….better yet the woman I saw at the store earlier.

9.  Stop trippin’ …who cares about your belly fat.

10.  You a ho’, you a queen, you a slut, you divine, you a freak.

11.  Take that dumb ugly a$$ scarf OFF.

12.  Suck my D!&K….lower….lick my balls…..lower….eat my a$$

13.  How do my facial expressions look to her (trying to remain sexy)

14.  You ain’t smellin’ right today baby.

15.  I’m gonna make the neighbors know my name.

16.  How freaky will she let me be….a little anal action hmmm?

17. Baby you doin’ the damn thang.

18.  I’m a MONSTER.

19.  You woke me up for this? lololol

20.  Hmmm…what should I think about to NOT cum? Trash, work, a conversation with her, cuddling, etc.


*Disclaimer* No one man wrote this entire list….and each man that contributed had no knowledge of the other brothas contributions.  So ladies…don’t go beating up on your boo.  This list is for informational purposes only.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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  1. Jakki
    Jakki says:

    I don't need to know, I'd rather keep the fantasy alive…It has never felt like nothing but love, I will hold on to that~

  2. Rok
    Rok says:

    let's be honest, we are thinking, "I hope she starts that diet soon"

  3. Jacke Josephson
    Jacke Josephson says:

    At one point a man may have thought eveything on this list at least once if not more. The other day my woman wore a hairnet to bed and was expecting some. I told her are you going for the sexy lunch room lady I aint NEVER had a fantasy about the lunch room lady from grade school serving lunch. Yea I’m horny too but certain things are a mood killer.

  4. Lachatnoir83
    Lachatnoir83 says:

    so funny. Good thing guys keep these thoughts to themselves lol

  5. Guest
    Guest says:

    Thanks for this honesty cuz your man will never tell you 🙂 Had me bucking my eyes over here, lol.

  6. Erika C.
    Erika C. says:

    Those lil' huzzy's yall mentioned AIN'T THINKING ABOUT YOU….you hear me. THEY AIN'T THINKING ABOUT YOU so please stop thinking about them. lol

  7. AwaitingAChange
    AwaitingAChange says:


  8. Maurice
    Maurice says:

    i think the list is far from complete

  9. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    LOL, too funny, this is cute:) and honest

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