20 Secret Thoughts Women Have During Sex

By Aiyana Ma’at and other anonymous Sista’s

Men, here’s a public service announcement: The world does not stop while we’re in bed with you.  It just doesn’t.  I know you’d like to think you have the ability to make time stand still with your stroke, but truth be told the magnitude of what goes on in our minds and in our world is bigger than “Mr. Big” could ever be.  I’m not telling you this to damage your ego but to remind you that a great relationship is about more than just sex and in spite of all these secret thoughts swimming in our heads we somehow find a way to be present….sometimes : )  He’re are 20 secret thoughts we have while you’re “rocking our world”.

1. I wonder what’s on “HGTV” tonight?

2. Can I please put my legs down?

3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Right there!

4. Ow! Slow the hell down! What the hell are you doing?

5. It’s cold in here.

6. What am I going to wear tomorrow?

7. Damn my belly looks fat.

8. I’ve got to poot.

9. Can you stop breathing in my ear so hard?

10. My jaws are getting tired!

11. I think the children heard that.

12. I hope he does that thing again where he….

13.  Do I look cute from this position?

14.  “Jeopardy Music”

15.  You are “in it” good!

16.  Please hurry up. I’m bored.

17.  Stay on my cli**ris dammit!!!

18.  I’m not all the way fresh down there.

19.  You betta not mess up my hair.

20.  Is he going to sleep when we’re done?

Again gentlemen don’t be discouraged, it’s a part of life.  We love you and we still want to have sex with you.  Here’s a quick tip…if you want us to be more present while you’re “rocking our worlds” help out with some of the things that are “racking our brains”.

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  1. cuwinapic
    cuwinapic says:


  2. atleast5minutesplz
    atleast5minutesplz says:

    25. It's over already? Damn…that was only three strokes!

  3. Rayord77
    Rayord77 says:

    It’s within each of us to show compassion.

  4. Janet
    Janet says:

    I cannot stop gigglin…..these are all so true &
    Love this blog!

  5. Soicy
    Soicy says:

    OMG! These are too good. The sad part about it is that they are all true.

  6. Jamila
    Jamila says:

    I Pray that most men don't find this hurtful or wow this is what she is really thinking… Because Most of the time if we are not in the mood… We as women (that I know of) still gives it! I do like the post! though

  7. Ses Armani
    Ses Armani says:

    This article is funny. But the truth is (like Rok said, most of us know!) some men would much rather not do anything with you if we are not into it, whether than just pretend. It’s like when a women fakes it, believe me, I’m not hurt by it and neither is my ego! You guys need to start being real with yourselves! Lol

  8. Domebaby
    Domebaby says:

    women are the the intelligent species..so guess what the men are thinking

  9. Sherrita
    Sherrita says:

    Great article…Key points mentioned are sooo on point!

  10. Jei LThom
    Jei LThom says:

    Add: Did I lock the door? I think I hear the kids trying to come in.
    Add: This is supposed to be a quickie….hurry up!
    Add: We got all night, slow down.
    Add: Tell ME what position to get into.
    Add: Tongue on my clit feels great…now use your finger(s) too.
    Add: Can't stay on my knees for long, lets try it a different way.
    Add: You should have wiped (yourself) off before we started.
    Add: Everybody ain't gotta know we're being freaky in here tonight. Shut up!
    Add: I don't know anybody in this hotel — scream your head off, baby!

  11. Rok
    Rok says:

    And this, ladies, is one of the main reasons why men go and finds someone who will be "present" with them. If you are not interested in sex, get the hell out of the bed so I can replace you with some 20something year old, who is. And to all the sisters here who think your mental wandering is a secret, youre wrong. Men notice it as soon as it starts and thats when we start imagining that you are someone else who is more beautiful so we can "get off"

    • Jamila
      Jamila says:

      Peace: I do understand this statement! Most of the time when we are into it!!! Trust me you will know… We start throwing you around… Or trying to get seconds. We be meeting at the roads together… However, please don't take that the wrong way Some men don't know what they are doing and some don'twant to learn. Its not that we are not there with u, Its just that we might have a problem on our minds that men don't want to hear about as for the 20somethings… I'm hurt… and I am 20something Early twentys… I hope your not looking for connections when most of my gen. Wants to just have sex with having to call you! And I know you men go thru sex too? "Am I in her spot?" "Does she still find me attractive?" " Does she have to be that loud?" And that's just some. "I have to make so extra money so I can pay…."

  12. SMonique
    SMonique says:

    This is not to funny…it's THREE funny!! Way Cute!!!!

  13. Guest
    Guest says:

    Lol, I can definately relate to No's 2, 13, 17 (yes!), 18 (yes, sometimes!), and 19. Funny, but true. Very entertaining article.

  14. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    21. Is he finished yet…..no? Damn!
    22. Where's my V8?
    23. MMMMMMMMM, this is new….wait, this is new, where did this come from?
    24. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
    and so on and so forth…..lol

  15. kenny
    kenny says:

    I think # 3,8 & 11 should be shared thoughts. This was to funny though.

  16. Daphne
    Daphne says:


  17. forhealthymarriages©
    forhealthymarriages© says:

    LADIES YOU'RE OUT OF CONTROL…..This is So Funny! Me and My Queen are talking This Evening!
    It's hard to be BIG (in the your mind) when little (when your queen Mind is somewhere else) gotta YA! Love you GUYS! Awesome Posting…From Honey please keep your mind on ME! PLEASE….LOL!

  18. Meghan
    Meghan says:

    Good Stuff

  19. David
    David says:

    Well, I will keep these in mind.

  20. Zenith
    Zenith says:

    Uh…can I get the name and number of the guy in the photo? Just kidding. Amen to number 10. Oral sex should be a sprint NOT a marathon.

  21. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    #17 made me want to stand up and clap in my cubicle. Gentlemen there's probably 80 more things that can be added to this list. LOL

  22. Lady OH
    Lady OH says:

    #21 awww… look how hard he’s trying. I can go on but those thoughts shall remain a secret… for now anyway 😉

  23. Dee
    Dee says:

    Aiyanna, why you put our business out there like that??? LOL

  24. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    Hey rok i’m in that 20something group and I have those save thought (done of them) Sorry but age doesn’t matter. When you guys make it known that you want some when you see clearly we not in the mood we sometimes swallow our pride and make our man happy for his sake not our own we would much rather be relaxing

    • melissa
      melissa says:

      I agree with you Crystal

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