5 Minutes To Effectively Clean Your Sex Toys

By Discreetly Wrapped

Nowadays sex toys are considered a perfectly acceptable accessory to any fulfilling and healthy sex life. However it’s worth remembering that all of these items when in use come into contact with highly sensitive intimate areas of your body. As such it is absolutely essential that your sex toys are washed before first use and after each use. Additionally, never under any circumstances re-use a sex toys with more than one sexual partner. This is not only irresponsible but also potentially harmful.

The most effective method of cleaning a sex toy is by using a good antibacterial cleanser that contains Nonoxynol-9. A chemical known for its effectiveness as a spermicidal agent and also for its ability to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Many condoms, sex lubricants and jellies contain this product.

Typically you would simply dilute your antibacterial cleanser with water, wash your sex toy with a clean cloth before rinsing thoroughly and drying with either paper towels or a lint free cloth. However sex toys can be manufactured from a variety of materials, some of which may need to be treated differently:-

Silicone Sex Toys

A very popular material in the production of sex toys due to its hypoallergenic and easy maintenance attributes. Non battery operated products can be boiled for several minutes or washed using an antibacterial cleanser as detailed above. Ensure your sex toys are completely dry before storing.

Plastic, Acrylic and Glass Sex Toys

All can be washed using an antibacterial cleanser as mentioned above however non battery operated acrylic and glass toys may also be submerged in boiling water prior to thorough drying.

Rubber, Latex and Jelly Sex Toys

The most porous of all the materials used in the manufacturing of sex toys. Extra care needs to be taken with these items, use a good antibacterial cleanser and thoroughly clean the toy before rinsing to remove all traces of the cleanser. These items are more likely to promote infections and as such the use of a condom is recommended for insertable toys.

Other Materials

There are a number of other materials on the market that are typically used for the “realistic” products. All of these items will include instructions advising how best to clean them. Typically they can simply be cleaned using a good antibacterial cleanser in a similar fashion to the items above however it’s worth taking the time to read the included guidance instructions and note any additional requirements.

Additionally, if a particular item has awkward hard to reach areas simply use a cotton wool bud soaked in alcohol or a suitable cleaner. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the sex toy afterwards.

That’s about it, keeping your sex toys clean not only ensures you’ll enjoy long term usage of them but also that you are protected from potentially harmful infections. The above practices take less than five minutes and should under no circumstances be neglected.


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  2. Fleshlight Reviews
    Fleshlight Reviews says:

    If you invest a bit of time looking after your sex toys, they will last you forever. I clean mine immediately after using it. I've got a Fleshlight, they aren't cheap so it's worth investing a bit of time to look after it.

  3. Rick@Best Fleshlight
    Rick@Best Fleshlight says:

    Good call on making sure to let your toys dry out completely after you clean them. You don't want to put them away wet.

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    Appreciate the friendly reminder. : )

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