You Got To Know When To Hold Em’ Know When To Fold Em’

VIDEO: In life and in relationships there are moments when you find yourself at a crossroad… tired of living like you’ve been living, scared as hell and unsure of what your next move should be. This young lady shares the turmoil she’s been experiencing in her marriage and asks what she should do. Confusion is all around it seems…but I once read somewhere that Confusion is the mental and emotional outgrowth of knowing exactly what needs to be done, and having that knowledge clouded by the belief that you are not good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to do it. There is a fear that if you do what needs to be done, you might not get it right or that somebody will get mad at you, etc. The natural response to this self-defeating mental chatter is for the intellectual mind to shut down resulting in what we call confusion. The truth is that when we find ourselves at these crossroads in our lives we need to trust the small still voice within, do what is necessary, and trust and know that you will make it through.

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  1. Avi
    Avi says:

    great vid, great advice!

  2. FC
    FC says:

    You’re right, half the battle is sticking to it and being consistent. That’s something most people, including me, have to work on in all areas of life.

  3. FC
    FC says:

    I agree with the video. Yes a person can evolve, it may take this person a lifetime, then it may not. That's the chance you take when you sign the dotted line, it's risky.

    My bet is, the wife who wrote this letter, MUST have seen almost all of these RED flags before she married him only 6 months ago. But she still married him like most women do, thinking the infamous, "He will change or I can change him" lie. But it doesn't work!

    She has to decide if she gonna continue working on this unhealthy project and wait it out.

  4. La'Tiya
    La'Tiya says:

    This is some really helpful and much needed advice. All we can do is pray that the situation will work out for the best.

  5. Melissa Ricks
    Melissa Ricks says:

    Well, all I have to say is follow your gut. What is your gut telling you? Do not ignore the signs. A lot of times we ask for a sign from our heavenly Father….Should I go or should I stay…. and we ignore it. Follow your gut. DO NOT IGNORE THE SIGNS!!!!!

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