6 Habits That May Prevent Him From “Coming Correct” In The Bedroom

By Team BLAM

Men feel pressure to perform in the bedroom.  PERIOD.  No man wants to be the “2 minute brotha”, “Mr. No Show”, or “Mr. Limp Biscuit”…NO MAN.  For many men their self image and masculinity is heavily tied to their virility. The feeling is that, this is a space in my life where I can assert myself and prove I AM THE MAN…..I AM THAT DUDE.  While many men derive a sense of “self” from their abilities in the bedroom there are also many men who don’t.  Regardless of where you fall it’s important that you are aware that there are some behaviors you may be currently engaging in that can have you “coming up short” when it’s time to “come correct”.

Below are 6 Habits mentioned in EverydayHealth that may be having a negative impact on your sex life.  If everything is operating “all good” now…..please keep these tips in mind so your “tools” continue working properly in the future.

1.  A man who bikes for more than three hours a week risks damage to certain nerves. A hard bike seat “can compress the perineum (the area between the anus and scrotum), squeezing off the vital arteries and nerves necessary for normal sexual function.”

2.  Men who forget to floss their teeth increase the bacteria in their gums, and this bacteria can travel through the bloodstream, combine with plaque and clog blood vessels which make getting an erection difficult.

3.  Another bad habit EveryDayHealth suggests men watch out for are eating canned foods. Cans are lined with a material called bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that can interfere with your hormone systems and can inhibit male sex hormones.

4.  Disruptive snoring, or sleep apnea, is a red flag, too, because it signals that you have low baseline oxygen levels, and these levels are necessary to achieve an erection.

5.  Men should also be cautious of what medicine they take as erectile dysfunction can often be a side-effect of many anti-depressants and blood pressure-lowering drugs. Not only that, but serotonin is known to be a sexual inhibitor.

6.  Lastly, if a man has sustained pelvic injuries from severe trauma, i.e., falling from a ladder or a car accident, the damaged nerves and arteries in the urethra will lead to dysfunction.

Blam Fam we hope that this information will help you and your spouse have a healthy and long lasting sex life.