How Do The Ma’at’s Stay Soooo Connected?…Because You Asked

VIDEO: A viewer wrote in asking us how we manage to stay so connected given the everyday “stuff” in life. Well, we feel that every couple that is in a happy and healthy relationship has a uniqueness about them that makes them work. Listen in as we share how we stay sooo connected and how the flame of passion continues burning 15 years after we first met.

B Intentional Family, What helps you to stay connected and plugged into your spouse from day to day? Are there certain things you do to maintain that connection?

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  1. LP Grays
    LP Grays says:

    I love you guys! I am single, and you two give me hope! You two even look alike!

  2. Shan Leiyah
    Shan Leiyah says:

    i love you guys, aiyana, u inspire me sooooooo much, i trully admire u, as a young woman of 27 years young (lol) i just aspire to be like women in ur category, by that i mean, (not category) but of your stature or shall i say emotional beauty. I have learned so much from u since watching this channel, about how i can be a better mother and wife some day to my prince charming, and although i can learn from both u and ur husband, i learn more from u since i'm a woman. but trully, God bless y'all

  3. Tarsha
    Tarsha says:

    I LOVE the part where Aiyana says she had to learn how to be quiet and sit back and listen to your partner/spouse. I am SLOWLY learning how to do that. Plus, I am learning to to give my opinion on EVERYTHING he says! Love you guys!!!!

  4. Keesha
    Keesha says:

    Great video you all!…Aiyana, you said it when you said "This is my boy!" That's it, right there…my husband and I WILL NOT STILL BE TOGETHER IF WE WEREN'T FRIENDS!!! PERIOD.. Our friendship holds us together when sometimes nothing else seems to be working. Either of us can be upset about something, but if the kids start trippin, or something funny happens,BAM, we gel right back together (whether it's laughter or whatever)….true love is a beautiful thing!

  5. Lync
    Lync says:

    Wow I am speechless, Now that's what i call real love. These two understand how it work. They may not be perfect but to me these two are very inspirational.

    I thanks you for being there as a reminder to us all that marriage in the black culture is possible through understanding and respect to one another roles that has nothing to do with the selfishness of cultural claims in the name of separating us.

    Ayize and Aiyana you are shining stars

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