6 Sizzling Ways To Bring The Sexy Back Into Your Marriage (…And Your Bedroom)

By Ellie Johnston

The first year of marriage is like an amazing dream, the sex is usually good, the woman or man you have chosen is willing to do almost anything for you and you for them and you feel like butterflies are living in your body. Your body feels light and your head feels right. The constant fly past of imaginary lovebirds circling your head makes you feel as if all is right with the world. Your heart is fit to burst. The love is strong.

However, like everything in this world of ours if you use something too much it can break, become dysfunctional or simply fade away in to non-existence. Love can have this fading effect as well as your sexual relations with your partner. The big trick in this game is to keep both the sex and the love equal and continually try to keep your love life hot, hot, and HOT!

In a sexless loveless marriage something will eventually suffer. So, for this reason, you seriously need to concentrate on having a healthy sex life and love life.

So, just how do you bring the sexy back into your bedroom?

There are lots of ways you can do this. Here are a few…

1) Sexy Lingerie for her and sexy underwear for him

There are many styles of lingerie to suit many peoples taste including babydoll, corsets, pvc leather lingerie, chemises, bras and panties as well as sexy club wear style lingerie, stockings, etc. My suggestion is to try them all out at least once and find something you are comfortable and then go with that.

2) Explore each others sexual fantasies

Be vulnerable with one another. Share your secret desires. She may want to role play and dress up as a sexy cheerleader or a hot teacher. He may want to dress up as a doctor and inspect you with the tools of his trade.

3) Maybe you both want to explore sex toys

There is nothing wrong with a sex toy or two if you want to explore your sexuality with your partner. There are soooo many options that I would say it is impossible to not find something that tickles your fancy. Go to a sex toy shop or browse online together. Plan a “hot sex” night and bring out toys that you each bought to surprise each other. This can be so fun and will give you both something to look forward to and wonder about.

4) Play food fights and wrestling

Some men and some women love to be covered in food, jams, honey, cake cream, chocolate, raspberry and other sweet and delicious body condiments. The wrestling can be performed after you are covered in sweet gooey goodness. You trying to lick his off and him trying to lick yours off. You can have rules, no licking any erogenous zone before 5 – 10 minutes of sugar wrestling is done. Maybe even set a small alarm clock so there is a round one, round two and so on. The best of three rounds then it is a free for all. This food wrestling or food play is ok and can be fun to explore but as with many things revolving around love and sex, you have to be careful where your kids are (if you have kids) and make sure your Mothers are not on their way over to you. The last thing you need is to be covered from head to toe in cake mixture only to hear the doorbell ring and have the embarrassment of trying to explain why you are “playing” with your food.

5) Role Play

You can role-play and act like a stranger to husband or wife, and arrange to meet in a place you both do not know and dress up as a business man or woman and pretend not to know each other. Really get into it. The build up through the night will make for one wild sexy night. Maybe even be the naughty maid at home and your other half could be a butler and you steal away some sexual satisfaction together while cleaning “at work”. Or maybe if you are a woman you could be the lady of the house and the plumber has arrived to check your pipes but instead he starts checking your pipes. 😉

6) Naked resorts

You may think this is similar to swinging but it is not at all. Many people the world over like to try exhibitionism. They just show off their bodies, they probably get some excitement out of it but usually they only want to show their bodies and they do not necessarily want to have sex with anybody. They are quite different from swingers. Different strokes for different folks.  And you never know just showing off your body to your partner and to other individuals and getting used to your naked body could also be a marriage (and self image)  builder.

I hope you have taken notes! Now, get started!

Ellie Johnston is a sexy lingerie specialist. She helps promote a website that has many different types of sexy lingerie and sexy accessories called lingerie2order.com

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    Clubwear is a general term for the type of provocative, revealing, or fetish clothing that is worn to nightclubs featuring a sensual atmosphere with a very relaxed dress code. There are various types of clothing items that could be worn to clubs based on the location of the club, the club's dress code and the weather.

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    thanks for the heads up..lol

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    I wonder how many brotha's got Brazil on their list for #2….I'm just sayin' lol

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    I'll take numbers 3 & 4 TONIGHT! Baby bring home some bananas and whip cream please. lol

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