8 Is The Magic Number For Your Relationship

When it comes to building and maintaining a healthy relationship, a certain amount of compromise and sacrifice needs to be made by both parties. This is not something that’s hard or arduous; it’s made in the spirit and feeling of loving a person to the point where you want to be the best person you can be for the other person. It means that changing and sacrificing a “me first” attitude for a “we first” feeling is the most natural thing around.

While love may happen in an instant, it feels like a massive dose of the drug “emotion”. It can bowl you over in feeling the warmth and comfort of being with the other person. This feeling can last a lifetime, but its sustainability can come with “I’m sorry’s” when things go awry, no resentment and blending of two things that are both pragmatic and fanciful. It will always lead to positive actions so that there are no regrets for missed opportunities.

Healthy relationships have give and take. While first love is highly charged and emotional, true, lasting love is series of quiet giving from each person involved in the relationship. It melds two people together around their strengths and weaknesses. Where one is weak, the other is strong and can willingly pick up the load and vice versa.

People think that the number 7 is lucky, that personal growth and a healthy relationship is based on utilizing seven principles, seven lucky tips, and the like. While this may be true in some cases, in relationships, there are actually eight traits that need to work in concert for the relationship to be healthy and happy. Without these components, a relationship will be out of balance in some way, and it probably won’t stand the test of time.

The magic number in any relationship is eight. You need to have eight traits to have a healthy relationship that lasts forever. Think about it, if you turn an eight on its side, you get the infinity symbol, so the universe was probably trying to tell human beings something. There are eight qualities that should be brought to the relationship including trust and confidence, a passion for life, wisdom and humor, financial responsibility, a spiritual nature, an awe for the beauty of life and a commitment maintaining romance and intimacy in the relationship.

Let’s look at financial responsibility. In a relationship where there is no financial responsibility, there is always a high level of stress, fights and eventual separation. Most people’s biggest battles are over money, so you need to have the trait of financial responsibility in order to maintain a healthy relationship. Without it, there’s strife, strain and arguments.

Romance and intimacy is another biggie. Without it, relationships dissolve and reasons for staying together begin to lose their impact. Emotions either disappear, stress builds and eventually arguments ensue. In the worst cases, there aren’t even arguments, just disinterest and a drifting apart between two people who used to be madly in love.

Some of the best advice you should remember is that these are just two the eight traits that when not present causes a relationship to sicken and die. Having all eight traits in place is necessary to maintain a long term healthy relationship. Without one or two of them, a relationship is unbalanced, and unbalanced relationships generally lead to dissolution.