My Friend Is Marrying The Wrong Man!

VIDEO: This woman writes in that her friend is marrying a “bad person” and she feels that her friend is being blinded by her desperate desire to have a husband. Is it her responsibility to convince her friend that her fiancee’ is the wrong guy or should she keep her opinion to herself? Aiyana Ma’at weighs in on this one solo. Listen in & then leave a comment and let us know what you would do.

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  1. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    I say what i said,because,that was another stories on he say or she say situation…I understand,if it would of happen in that way,yes,truely i be the first one to jump,and spill my gust,down to the last details friendship or not ,i value my friend opinion,to a certain limited,you must realize everybody say they’re your friend but they really not….

  2. Harriet
    Harriet says:

    I’ve been in this situation before, except they were just dating. I didn’t say anything about my best friend/roommate’s boyfriend until he tried to hit on and flirt with me. I promptly told her that this brother was no good, but then she went and told her boyfriend, who thought I was totally audacious for even THINKING that he was trying to flirt with me (but when you’re so enamored with my figure and what good shape I’m in and try to set up workout sessions at YOUR PLACE, and then say if something happens, she doesn’t have to know…I don’t think I have my wires crossed at all). The two of them were very upset with me. Him, I could care less about, but she was my best friend. Anyway, long story short, she got pregnant, they got married, he beat her and cheated on her until she couldn’t take it anymore, then they got divorced. She’s now an MD and remarried to a man who knows how to love her.

    All that to say that whether you say something or not, friends are going to make their own decisions, and like it or not, it would behoove us to be there for them when everything either crumbles or brings them immense joy. We tell the truth about how we feel if asked and/or if we have concrete proof of wrong donig. And then, like grown folks, we allow our friends to make their own decisions.
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  3. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    This is my point on the situation,If you’re a true friend,you got to know,when to fold it.If you’re in a great relationship,with your mate,that good…give her a chance to be happy,If he not the one for her,give her the chance,to tell a friend lend her your ears,only until,she ask you for advice,do you respond,you have made your bed,so now let her make her…if you’ll have a good friendship,don’t spoiled it,a friend don’t want to hurt the one they love,just be there ,when she need you…right at this time, your tongue will be your worth enemies…she is in love,suppose her,and if it come to it later,lend her your shoulder…be a friend through her good,as well,as her bad,if you’re her friend,let her be your….

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