What Do You Do To Get Some Space For You?

VIDEO: When you enter into a relationship you give up some of yourself to achieve a common goal. However, in the midst of merging two lives it’s crucial that you find space to maintain some sense of who you are so you can bring your best to the relationship. QUESTION: What do you do to get some space for you?

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  1. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    I get into a good book,or magazine ,In a book i let my imaginary so wild,i go there,i get into the pages,i be the main chacter,i love drama,i laugh,i cry, i even get mad…but when i really want to get lost, deep in my space ,I’m pulling out,one of my best of the best,movies yet”The Imitation of Life”,and to overcome,the exciting of that movies,to wine me down,old faither”The Andy Griffin Show”to you it’s weird,but that me….that all i need for my space,is a little relaxing,to do me…

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