A Black Woman’s Worth

By Darrell A. Cador

In the midst of all that was, is, and is to be, the one consistency in the life of a Black Man is the presence of his cherished Black Woman. Whether he’s aware of this or not is a matter of perspective. Yet, her profound role in the evolution of this uncrowned king is truly unmatched.

‘Do Black Men Still Want Us?’ was the question that blazed the cover of a popular magazine. To all of my beautiful, intelligent, multi-talented, multi-dimensional, heart-warming, free-spirited, sumptuous, sensual, mind-blowing Black sisters who desire an answer to such an inquiry, you need look no further than the question itself. Black Men Still Do. And not only do we still want the most prized and treasured possession on earth…but we need you!

We yearn for you the way a flower yearns for the sun: For without you, existence is difficult if not impossible. We long for you the way fish long for the ocean: For life begins to end the moment we are separated from you. And we desire you the way a Black Man desires his Black Woman: For only Chocolate Stars can make little chocolate bars.
Too often a particular value is place on you, which, honestly, makes me laugh. The Hope Diamond, in all its marveled brilliancy, appears as nothing more than a dollar store paperweight compared to you. How foolish is it to put a price on something so priceless.

And by all means, my dark-skinned, light-skinned, fair-skinned sisters, if nothing else, always be mindful of the resilient gene pool from whence you came. A mere one out of five slaves survived the physical, mental, and spiritual horrors of the Middle Passage. And you, in all your strength, beauty, and allure, are direct descendants of those determined few. A Black woman’s worth is worth more than the world will ever know. And as long as you know, trust, and believe this, my sister…then so shall we.

Darrell A. Cador is an author and lover of quality fiction who stumbled into writing in 1999 when he came across several working computers headed for the scrap heap after they were determined by office managers to be non Y2K compliant. Inspired by the works of those who’ve come before him, Darrell strives to be a writer who’ll one day inspire the next generation of writers destined to make their own mark in the literary world. When he isn’t crafting his next novel Darrell keeps busy writing stage play scripts, screenplays, and collections of poetic verse. Born and reared in our nation’s capital, Darrell now resides in Mount Rainier, Md. with his lovely wife Jacqueline and their five children. http://www.darrellacador.com/

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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    People say I brag. I ain't braggin', I'm just giving the brother I married his propers. He provides for me and our daughter, and makes sure that everybody involved understands that we are to be treated with respect. People said it didn't exist and couldn't be found. I say I'm grateful that I stumbled into this brother when I was young enough to have avoided the mess that some sisters have had to put up with. Being that I grew up in the "hood, in a family where most everybody was shackin' or divorced, this was more a blessing than some people will ever know!

    The best thing about this is that our daughter knows her value. It's kinda funny to watch her avoid situations that won't be in her best interests. Not funny "ha, ha", but funny strange. Who knew that raising little sisters the right way could actually teach them to live better lives? Go figure!

  2. Sunshine
    Sunshine says:

    love it!!!! the ending paragraph puts a real stamp on the truth

  3. CocoBrothaUK
    CocoBrothaUK says:

    Do Black Men still want you, the answer to that question is an emphatic HELL YES lol. I'm a brother myself steady trying to chase after a fine chocolate sister I've got my eye on and in my opinion ain't no woman badder than a black woman 🙂

  4. Cortez
    Cortez says:

    Syreeta, more men feel this way than you know. The problem is, many of us have simply lost our voices behind the pain social, political and emotional castration. Likewise many women have lost the ability to hear us out of abandonment, disrespect and frustration.

    Elani, this problem is a curable, simple and practical as tape. Teach your man to say the words again. Help him to memorize them. Practice them and reward him for once again finding his voice, if only in private places. Then boast to the world when we protects, respects and never neglects you. Help end this disease of self-hate by ending our dis-ease with each other. But most importantly, help him to find his voice to love you the way a Queen deserves.

  5. Syreeta
    Syreeta says:

    I love this!!!!!!!!! Thank you! If only more men felt this way…

  6. Elani
    Elani says:

    WOW!!! I'm going to tape this to my bathroom mirror.

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