No, She Doesn’t Hate You….It’s Just PMS

By Ruth Purple

You don’t need to remind us or make fun of us when it is the time of the month, because we know! We feel it everywhere in our anatomy. We don’t like at as much as you do! But good for you, you don’t have to suffer from it. Pre-menstrual symptom-PMS or popularly known as “that time of the month.” Women endure it and men are scared of it. Yes, men can have a developed fear of this symptom, because mostly, they take the brunt of the beating, though it’s totally unfair, but it’s pretty much unavoidable since 80% of women suffer from it. And this can cause a strain in your relationship if not properly managed. That being said, it’s best that you should know how to deal with PMS to avoid further trouble in your love life.

Give these few suggestions a shot.

* Include PMS in your schedule. Sounds ridiculous but it works. To steer clear of further conflicts, tears and unnecessary tensions, avoid stressful family events and serious, emotional conversations during PMS time. It usually occurs five days before menses and when the period begins.

* Take natural remedies for PMS. Acupuncture, physical exercise, whole body massage and other relaxation activities are good way to prevent the painful symptoms.

* Have a healthy diet. Stop taking coffee for awhile. Caffeine only aggravates anxiety and depression. It also helps if you stay away from alcohol and start taking more healthy fruits and vegetables.

* Have enough sleep.

* This really helps if you want to avoid being cranky.

* Take a breather. If you are feeling way too emotionally intense, take a breath. Go out and relax, or if you are tires to go out, watch a “feel good” movie at home. The same goes for men, if you think that she is becoming way too unreasonable, take a breather and keep your cool.

* For men, be sensitive. Communicate with her and tell her that you understand her. As mentioned earlier, never make fun of a woman who is suffering from premenstrual symptom. It’s not funny. You have to be aware that suffering from this symptom is a serious matter.

In case these things don’t work for you, keep in mid that this too, shall pass. For men, just try to be a little more considerate and for PMS sufferers, don’t make this condition as an excuse to deliberately throw your tantrums around. Allow your man to help you cope with what you are going through. You and your loved one don’t need to suffer alone in silence.

The author of this article, Ruth Purple, is a successful Relationship Coach.