Announcing Not 1 But 2 Winners Of “Authenticity” The Relationship Board Game!!!!!

We are very excited to announce 2 winners of Authenticity: The Relationship Board Game!!!!  This is a couples game. To achieve the full benefits of the game you and your partner must be completely authentic. (So, you know we looove that over here where we strive to keep it 100% real!) Originally, we only intended to give away 1 FREE game but we think this game is so great we just couldn’t help ourselves….so we have 2 winners!!!!!

They are Gabz74 and K.O. Yay!!!!! They both took advantage of being able to enter multiple times and had this to say when they entered the Give Away:


Good Morning,

I’m excited about getting the chance to win this board game. All that know me, know that I love to play games. I am really interested in this one because it is TRULY a well-rounded game, that covers ALL aspects in a relationship.

I am exploring a new relationship with so many possibilities and there are many questions that I would still like to have answered but sometimes I get caught up in the “am I wording this correctly”.

Even if I am not the winner, I will still be investing in this. This game will be JUST what the doctor ordered.

Good luck to all of the participants.


You guys always find the good stuff for your giveaways!!

Congratulations to the both of you!!!! Let the games begin!  🙂

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  1. Jamila
    Jamila says:

    congrats!!!! to the both of ya'll

  2. K.O.
    K.O. says:

    Yay!!! I can't believe I won! Coming back daily pays off! Not just for the giveaways but for the info that I get from your videos. Thank you guys so much! I love and appreciate the work that you guys do….I feel like I should be giving ya'll a prize!

  3. Gabz74
    Gabz74 says:

    OMG….. I can't believe it….. I come back to my phone to see that I have been notified as a WINNER!!!! I am SOOOOO excited….. *sitting here grinning like a kid in the candy store*

    To Ayize & Aiyana: Thank you so much for putting out great material that caters to ALL stages of relationships & for choosing me as one of the winners… I am truly grateful… And I will be referring others to the blog as well as having them purchase the game for THEIR exciting date/game night….. *I might not be willing to share mine ~ smiling*

    Congrats to K.O. and the others that participated……..

    Well, on that note: LET THE "GAMES IN LOVE" BEGIN…….

    Peace and blessings to all…… 1 Luv……

    • K.O.
      K.O. says:

      Congrats to you too Gabz74!

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