Relationship Expert Ayize Ma’at On Washington Watch With Roland Martin Talking About Steve Harvey’s Hit Movie “Think Like A Man”

This past Friday one half of the BLAM team (Ayize Ma’at) had the honor of visiting Roland Martin’s show Washington Watch and engaging in a round table discussion about Steve Harvey’s new movie….”Think Like A Man”.  The other panelist were good folks and made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Ayize & FREE (WPGC 95.5)

Ayize & Krissah Thompson (National Staff Writer for Washington Post)

Janks Morton (Creator of several thought provoking documentaries such as What Black Men Think)

*my bad Janks for not getting a picture with ya*

The conversation centered around what women want from men when dating and whether realistic expectations are set when searching for the man of their dreams. After we finished taping the show we continued with some behind the scenes dialogue that was really engaging.  The question came up….Would you give a man the time of day if he was ‘fine as hell’ and worked behind the McDonald’s counter?….That question was then followed by….Well did you know that McDonald’s requires even those who are franchise owner’s to work in the establishment they own? Hmmm.

BLAM Fam dating women, those are just a few things to think about as you continue your search for Mr. Right.  Most importantly focus on you FIRST so you avoid becoming a slave to the process of searching for someone to make you whole.

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  1. Briana @ 20&Engaged
    Briana @ 20&Engaged says:

    Great dialogue and discussion. Excellent points made by all parties. It's awful to hear our community's stats (highest divorce rates, lowest marriage rates, highest single parent households, highest rate of children out of wedlock) and just like Janks was saying, it's because we don't have role models.

    Ayize hit the nail on the head. Not only can the dads not make the list. The women making the lists can't make their own list. We need healing!
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  2. JeiThom
    JeiThom says:

    AND what if that "fine ass" man behind the McD's counter wasn't interested in being a manager or even a franchise owner, and really just wanted to take your order, get your food, & ask for your phone number? Would it matter if that was his full-time job? What if being a trashman or office receptionist is all he wanted to do?

    My spouse would say, "If he's that attractive, it'll be easy to have a strictly physical relationship with no love-loss if she stopped seeing him". There's nothing wrong with getting to know the guy & maybe find out that he has potential to do more or earn more. Today, being attractive includes good money management & a job that is socially acceptable for an adult.

  3. Oquendo
    Oquendo says:

    Interesting discussion. It's pretty obvious that there are mixed messages being sent between black men and women when it comes to relationships, but society has had a (negative) impact on the dating and marrying habits and behaviours when it comes to how we treat one another. Personally, it seems as if the movie did more to excasserbate the problem of black relationships than fix it, even if it is just a movie. I need help and so do many couples. I thinkit's time to get serious.

  4. kaliha55
    kaliha55 says:

    Interesting discussion and your hubby spoke the truth. Well done, ur hard work is evident,keep educating us.

  5. pbg98
    pbg98 says:

    I enjoyed this very much. Thank you. 

  6. DisciplinesLife
    DisciplinesLife says:

    preach on bro!

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