Count Down To National Family Pajama Night! November 19, 2011

By Team BLAM

Have you marked Saturday, November 19th on your family’s calendar? If not, you should block off the evening for National Family Pajama Night.

National Family Pajama Night is an initiative created by The Company Store. The campaign was created to inspire parents to spend an evening at home with their families doing creative, fun, memory-making activities. When modern-family life is filled with activities, places to go and things to do, it’s nice to know that there’s a time set aside for being together and having fun.

And along with this campaign for family, The Company Store has partnered with The Pajama Program, a non-profit organization that provides, new, warm pajamas and books to needy children in the United States and around the world, many of whom are waiting to be adopted and don’t know the comfort of being tucked in to bed each night by a loving parent.

By signing the pledge to take part in National Family Pajama Night, you’ll help The Company Store reach its goal of 20,000 pledges. And once the goal is met, The Company Store will donate $20,000 to The Pajama Program. Money that can go a lot of good for a lot of children.

So we hope you’ll take a moment to make room in your family calendar for Family Pajama Night. Sign the pledge and don’t forget to check out the National Family Pajama Night website for ideas of ways to spend your evening together.