Hit Movie ‘Still Standing’ Returns To Atlanta On September 13th

By Team BLAM

A couple of years ago we had the special privilege of being featured in a film emphasizing the triumphs of black marriage, titled You Saved Me.  If you haven’t seen it…then you might wanna CLICK HERE and get your copy.  The dynamic couple that brought that film to the big screen, Lamar & Ronnie Tyler from BlackAndMarriedWithKids.com, have also had a lot of success with their latest film “Still Standing” starring Kindred the Family Soul, Speech Thomas, and Dr. Sherry L. Blake .

Guess what…if you missed the opportunity to be a part of the 5 city tour or sold out screenings in Atlanta in May, you now have a another chance to become a part of “the marriage movement” because “Still Standing” is returning to Atlanta on September 13th.

This time is going to be even bigger and better so make sure you get your tickets right now at a special low price of only $5.00!

CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets.

CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets.

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  1. Katie
    Katie says:

    exactly, take the women who convert to islam for one, out of reobllien . most leftist leaning people (particularly women, who seem more interested in the spiritual than men, at least in my observations) just simply feel that the west is a tomb, if you know the term. the interest in islam or taoism /other oriental beliefs(buddhism) perfectly exemplifies the fact that the west has stagnated spiritually and culturally. i can sympathize somewhat, who the hell wants to be a mormon? i rather be a manson family member than a mormon, at least manson understood race.

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