It’s About The Journey…Not The Destination So Ride With Me And Vote!

VIDEO: I am moving forward, trying to make this happen, walking my path, and creating my destiny!!!! I am auditioning to have MY OWN SHOW on the Oprah Winfrey Network! Please click on the link below to view and vote for my Video Audition for the Oprah Winfrey Network!!! (FYI: You need to click on the picture and bring up this full article for the link to work.)


My show idea is all about picking up and dusting off old forgotten dreams and goals and making them happen. But, first we have to figure out what’s getting in the way…what’s holding you back. Once we identify the barriers to getting to the next level the sky is the limit! FEAR, PROCRASTINATION, AND APATHY MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! We’re going to give wings to dreams! If you can dig it, please VOTE FOR ME NOW!!!

P.S. There is no limit to how often you can vote so vote more than once please. 🙂 The vote total won’t change right away but EVERY VOTE COUNTS!  Thank you sooooo much!!!!

P.P.S. …..And no matter what happens I’m soaking up every minute of it!!!! This experience and our entire life experience, for that matter, is about the JOURNEY not the DESTINATION!   So, come ride with me and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!  🙂