My Biological Clock Is THUMPING! I Need To Get Pregnant NOW!!!

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Great website!!! thanks for all of the MUCH NEEDED help!

Our problems always arise when talking about finances, we are trying to get back on track after the economy hurt my husbands business and we need to have a vasectomy reversal as my clock is ticking, which we need to pay for too. It is a very emotional situation for me and i keep on being forceful and having no patience because I’M SCARED I am so maternal and I am 38 i love my husband so much  but  he does not want to go into further debt by getting a loan and I DO! because i want to get it done quickly!!  If i have to wait for us to save it it could take 6 months before we are ready to start trying. I feel so angry and emotional. He is working very hard and I am too and the moment and i really don’t want further debt i know i should just trust God but i feel SOOO sad at the moment. I have a great faith but sometimes i just can’t see the positive anymore. Please help!! x

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  1. come. on people
    come. on people says:

    Now, considering her husband is probavly the main issue see a fertility secialist because I have heard that they may be able to extract sperm directly from the testies. See what options they have. That can atleast give you way more direction to see where the dr wants you to be. From experience shop the fertility clinic and find one that gives you the warm and fuzzy feeling. I think I went to all of them in houston. 🙂

  2. come. on people
    come. on people says:

    I would go to the fetility specialist first. Because you don’t want to be trying to. Conceive for six months and you need more help than just doing the bedroom dance. Plus it would be better if you had a professional say this is what you need to do. Most men have a serious disconnect when it comes to seeing their role in the trying to conceive process.

  3. Myra Williams
    Myra Williams says:

    Hi Ma'ats and letter writer! Just want to start off by saying that I love this blog!

    My advice to the letter writer: Take the 6 months and prepare your mind and body for pregnancy! Relax, just prepare. Most doctors reccomend that women prepare for pregnancy at least 1yr prior to trying to concieve(TTC). 1.) You need to make an appointment with your gynecologist and preferably a fertility specialist in your area so that they can run tests on you to make sure you are prepared hormonally and physically for pregnancy…reproductive endocronologists are gynecologists who are trained in endocronology and who can do great blood work for you. 2.) Zap those stress hormones! Those stress hormones are not good for you when trying to concieve (TTC). Also, that negative energy is not going to bring the baby or improve your marriage so find ways to relax and say to yourself, "My little will be HERE in 18 months to 2yrs…What am I going to do in the meantime? Get my body right, my mind right, then my finances right."

  4. Tamara Lavon
    Tamara Lavon says:

    oh wow, i thought? ya'll were talkin about me until you mentioned she is 38 and the husband has a vasectomy, lol. Great video 🙂

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