Don’t Let Your “Situation” Limit Your Sexy – Designer Debuts Lingerie Colostomy Bags

By Samantha Escobar

When it comes to colostomy bags and other necessary medical equipment, there tends to be a shortage in the “pretty” department. Of course, items like these are not intended to look sexy; therefore, they are not made to look sexy. But what about women who want to feel beautiful in every way, including with their required devices? This was the same question that 23-year-old James Shutt of Hereford, England, asked himself after realizing that colostomy bag users are actually getting younger each year.

As a result of his curiosity, Shutt spoke with teenage colostomy users to gain a better perspective on the topic. Since many users reported feeling self-conscious or unsexy about their medical item when getting intimate with a partner, or are afraid of leaving their spare bags and cleaning kids behind if they stay at a partner’s home.

Shutt decided that something had to be done to change this. He then came up with a line of “Myostomy” products, which take away the embarrassment and add to the style factor.

“They want to lead normal sex lives but find partners can be put off by the bag,” said Shutter. “My solution hides the embarrassment and gives them the confidence to be sexually intimate, knowing they can relax.”

A colostomy is a surgical procedure in which an opening, called a stoma, is created by drawing the large intestine or colon’s healthy end into the abdominal wall. The stoma allows for waste to leave the body via a separate route, but the waste must be collected in a disposable colostomy bag that’s attached to the stoma. The way that the myostomy brand’s products work is to use a jewelry stoma plug and seal that fits inside of the stoma to prevent feces from leaking out during intercourse. There are a variety of interchangeable decorated heads, and they can be worn for about 90 minutes before needing to be emptied. Plus, Shutt created tattoos and other body art for users so they can make the area of their colostomy bag even more customized and pretty.

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