Gratitude Challenge Day 4: The Small Things Count. Tell EVERYBODY Thank You All Day Today

By Team BLAM

It is Day 4 of our Gratitude Challenge and we are on a gratitude roll! Lol. Today’s challenge is very simple yet I find that a lot of people. don’t take nearly enough time to do this small yet significant act. So just what am I talking about? Saying Thank You. Yup. Saying Thank you. We want you to do this today in a very deliberate and intentional way.

All day long today, any and every opportunity you get, say thank you. On the phone, at home, at work, at the grocery store, to the mailman. When I say take EVERY opportunity you have to say thank you I mean EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY. Take the time to say thank you to folks for all the things you take for granted. Thank your husband, your wife, your children, your neighbor, your co-worker, the busboy at the restaurant, the person handing you a free sample of teriyaki chicken in the food court, the person stocking the food at the grocery store, the person who lets you over while you’re driving (ok, just wave your hand to say thank you for this one…smile)….you get the point.

You see, even for those of us who consider ourselves well mannered and pleasant people–saying thank you becomes a sort of reflex and habit which is not a bad thing–but it can lose its weight and effect on us and others when we are not intentionally thinking about and attached to the thanks we are sending out to the people in our lives and the world around us. A rushed thanks is very different from a thank you that you feel within, make  eye contact with, and send genuine grateful energy with.

Be intentional with your thank you’s all day long today and note how easy or challenging it is for you. What will you learn about yourself? What can saying thank you do to change you and benefit you more than ther folks you say it too? And while you’re saying all your thank you’s today—don’t forget to thank The One that made you. 😉