Is The Gain Worth The Pain – NFL Star Tony Dorsett Sues The NFL For Long Term Injuries

By Ayize Ma’at

My “team”, the New York Giants, which I technically have ABSOLUTELY NO OWNERSHIP INTEREST IN just won the Super Bowl.  Yayyyy…i think? During the game, which I watched with my two brothers and a long time friend, I clapped, shouted, farted, ate, debated, laughed, talked sh$T… know all the things that men do when we have “church”.  I had a really good time escaping reality for a moment as I relished the comfort of being completely consumed by this game.  However, a few days following me flying high from “my” victory, I was slapped in the face by a sobering reminder of the DARK SIDE of professional sports.  Professional sports is big business and as Tony Dorsett says in the below interview….”colleges are like replacement factories” producing the next “star” to replace you.  There were a couple of things that were said in this interview that made me re-consider the heightened emphasis we place on on sports in our society. The pain that these players are left with after they’re finished being “used up” by the league makes me wonder is it really worth it?

Tony Dorsett is one of more than 300 former players suing the National Football League. He says the league pressured injured players to “get back out” on the field, causing long-term damage.

Your thoughts?


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    That is crucial. It reminds me of the way health care takes special care of those with enough money to pay for services and not paying much attention to those who struggle just to meet the co-pay. I mean really…just use them up and move on to the next person who can benefit the NFL, huh?! That's just ridiculous. NFL Commissioners, coaches, etc. need to truly think about the aftermath of these players getting banged up for years.

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