Gratitude Challenge Day 6: Give Thanks For You!

By Team BLAM

Ok, we’re on day 6 of the Gratitude Challenge and today we want you to focus on YOURSELF. Thinking about why we’re grateful for other people, places, and things is fairly easy to do. And, yeah, most of us say we love ourselves and have good self -esteem blah, blah, blah. And, while this may (or may not) be true I don’t think most folks take enough time to sit and really think about how beautiful, interesting, gifted, or wonderful they really are. We tend to puff up and glamorize other people and minimize ourselves. So, we have to be intentional about making sure we take the time to:

SEE who we really are, APPRECIATE what we bring to the table & into the world, and LOVE ourselves unconditionally. So, here’s today’s assignment to help you do just that!

Find a quiet space, take a deep breath (close your eyes if you need to) and visualize yourself as a child. See yourself in a familiar place when you were a child…playing outside, sitting on the floor getting your hair done, singing in the choir, etc. Just take the time to really see yourself. See yourself for how cute, innocent, and full of potential you were. As you visualize allow your mind to travel to present day and visualize yourself in some of your commom every day surroundings and activities…at work, cooking dinner, cleaning up, etc. See yourself for how cute, well intentioned, and full of potential you are today.

Now, make a list of at least 25 things that you appreciate and love about yourself—not 22— 25. 🙂 When you’re finished writing read the list out loud to yourself and keep it in a safe place. You might even want to frame it. The next time you begin to feel down about your progress or lack thereof, remind yourself that everything is a process and take this paper and read it.

Remember, being grateful starts at home—WITHIN YOU.

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    This week has been so enlightening for me in so many ways and so much of what I have learned about myself has come from being a part of the gratitude challenge. Thank you so much for doing this. Every one in my family participated. My husband and my 16 and 12 year old. We are a grateful family! Blessings to you Ayize and Aiyana!

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