His Penis Is Too Small….Should I Stay Or Go?

Dear The Ma’ats…. I have a issue, and really need some good advice… I met this guy about 5 months ago and am really feeling him… he’s 48 and I’m 45.. we’re both on the same page as to wanting a future together…He’s really good to me… he’s very affectionate, romantic, always concern with how Im feeling and tells me that Im his future wife…..and so on…. So whats the problem…. well about a week ago we finally became intimate…I love how passionate he is, he’s a great kisser… BUT….when it came down to the love making… well that’s another story… I first caught a glimpse of it,  I was like… ummm…. well, maybe its not the size that counts….and maybe he isnt fully aroused… well as things go on and we proceed to become intimate, I realized..that that was that!  and was over within no time…So I told myself, “maybe it was just a fluke, so we gotta do it again, then it will be better 🙁   quite dissapointing… I’d never seen something so small on a grown man before…but anyway… my question is… What do I do… I have this GREAT man that will do anything for me, but sexually… It’s not working…although he says we can talk about anything..I do realize that, THAT could be a sensitive subject for some men….and realistically, there’s really nothing he could do about what he has to work with..  So do I continue on with a great guy who doesn’t  satisfy in the bedroom…Or just end it… am I putting too much on the sexual part of our relationship?? PLEASE HELP… BLAM FAM what do yall think?

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    If she doesn't want him because of that; then, she can send him to me!

  2. Griot Makonnen
    Griot Makonnen says:

    What about other ways that the he can help u climax besides vaginal penetration? There’s more than one way to skin a cat…ijs

  3. Bill
    Bill says:

    Im a guy with short commings; you have 2 work with what you have as a guy and if she dont like it somebody else will. We all have standards & refuse 2 settle 4 less so everyone is free 2 choose what’s acceptable. I hope u find mr BIGG.

  4. David
    David says:

    True love is giving and seeking nothing in return. There is a problem when we become so preoccupied with sex that we miss the true value of being in relationship. Does he make you smile, laugh, believe, dream?

    • Sheila
      Sheila says:

      David I appreciate your perspective. If my man makes me smile, laugh, believe, and dream that would be great. BUT it would be even greater if he could do all those things and make me feel full inside and climax

  5. Nuberianne
    Nuberianne says:

    I definitely agree with Ayize on this one.

  6. n2meuc2
    n2meuc2 says:

    Great advice on both ends. There is always going to be SOMETHING to work on in a committed relationship. In the end one has to access what is important to them, that answer is different for different people. I do agree that he sounds like a very nice person. If she can not appreciate his good and his short-comings… I am certain someone else will. Good luck to them both!

  7. Veronica
    Veronica says:


  8. Sav Telly
    Sav Telly says:

    I agree with Ayize. What's wrong with having a standard and leaving if you aren't getting your standard met? Then when you cheat you're wrong even though you were never happy at all…get out early.

  9. Keysha
    Keysha says:

    U like what you like. That being said how do you know what u like unless u try it. It sounds as if the guy doesn't ben know she's displeased with his performance so how could he be willing to alter anything, size or technique? I say tell him if he can't/won't alter his technique (as permanent physical changes may be too soon to commit to), be out. Your feelings count but if its as good as it sounds fight for the relationship.

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