How To Host A Last Minute New Year’s Eve Party Like A Pro!

So, were you one of those folks who thought about having friends over and then said  “No, not this year” and now you’re having second thoughts again? Hosting a last minute New Year’s Eve party is possible by inviting friends and family over the phone, running to the store for a few decorations and picking up take-out food or appetizers on the way home. Throw an on-the-spot New Year’s celebration, complete with beer and wine with ideas from event coordinator Lori Randall of Simply Divine Events.
Happy Partying!
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  1. Ayize
    Ayize says:

    Thank you Anna Renee Happy New Year to you too

  2. Anna Renee
    Anna Renee says:

    Happy New Year, Mr. & Mrs. Ma'at!

  3. Taylor
    Taylor says:

    I woke up yesterday and decided I wanted to have some folks over and did exactly what Lori said. Ran to the store, got a few things for me and my girlfriends and we are set. They'll be here in about 45 minutes. Yay!

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