If She Thinks You’re Cheating…Then She Might

By Ruth Purple

Today’s women are competitive, aggressive, assertive, and will not take crap from anybody. They speak out to get what is due to them. They work as hard as men do, and can earn as much, some even more. Relationship wise, they refuse to be ignored and be taken for granted, by all means they should get what they deserve- her man’s love, attention, respect, and his share of the bills. So men, think twice. Today’s woman is a far cry from the meek, mild, submissive and oblivious women of the past. She is apt to get even. Give her love, she gives love, respects begets respect and so does infidelity.That’s why for your own sake, avoid being shady and never ever let your woman question your faithfulness… because if she begins to feel that she’s on unstable ground, she might find someone who can make her feel grounded, behind your back.
So, when your woman suspects you’re cheating, prove your innocence with all your might. However, if you are truly fooling around, stop, because as I’ve said, women today will not take crap from anybody anymore and will never have second thoughts about getting even. Yes, never underestimate the power of women to stray. Women can be as guiltlessly unfaithful as men, more especially if it’s triggered by revenge.If you cheated on her before or has failed to secure her trust, there’s a huge possibility that your woman is cheating on you.

Here are some signs that your woman is cheating on you.

• She no longer asks for your help. There is a huge possibility that your woman is cheating on you when she becomes from ultra needy to the ultimate independent lady. Before, she can’t even do the groceries or pick up the dry cleaning, but now she seems to get by with all the errands without asking for your help. There may be a chance that she wants to learn to do things on her own, but there’s also a possibility that someone has been filing in your shoes.

• She doesn’t get mad at you anymore. She used to be furious when you’re late, or when you cancel your lunch date, or when you go home two in the morning, but lately, you noticed that she doesn’t seem to mind with these offenses. Not only that, not so long ago, she was incorrigibly jealous, where your entire move should be well thought- out, but lately, she seems unaffected. This could be a good change, but it should make you wonder why the she doesn’t seem to care anymore.

• She suddenly becomes illusive. Once upon a time, she was this annoying person who tells you every trivial, nonsense thing about her day, but lately, she is as secretive as the CIA. When you see yourself sneaking and snooping for her purse and cellphone just to know what she’s been up to… you’re in trouble.

• Overcompensating gestures. She now showers you with compliments, “i love you” notes all over the place, cooks your favourite meal 3x in row now and serves you cold beer after, tolerates you to go out with your poker buddies, watches the game with you, offers to walk the dog, and wash the car? (really!) Before you thank all your gods, settle down first. When your woman showers you with over the top niceties, it’ll be nice to know what’s really going.

So, if you can’t imagine your woman cheating on you, learn to keep your balls to yourself.

The author of this article, Ruth Purple, is a Relationship Expert who has been successfully coaching individuals and couples in their relationships.  You can read more of her work on www.themalemagnetformula.com


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  1. newnaturally
    newnaturally says:

    Madea was right…if you are no good and she doesn't complain, it's probably not because she is happy with Jesus alone 😉

  2. JeiLThom
    JeiLThom says:

    1st of all…TALK….COMMUNICATE! If everybody's walking around assuming…guess what…both your ASSES will be setting your relationship up for failure.

    For men: One thing to remember — if your woman is anywhere descent-looking, she gets compliments and flirted with 100x a day. It is much easier for a beautiful woman to meet & cheat if that's her mission. She can wake up one morning & decide to cheat that same night or even sometime that day. Men…just think about it….how many women have you declined from having steamy NSA sex (when you were single)? There are boys out there that would follow your woman anywhere if they knew she'd give them "a lil sumthin'". Very few men are openly flirted with by women on the regular & usually don't get offered the opportunities women have on a daily basis.

    OK…one of you will have to be concerned enough to just ask, "Are you seeing somebody else? Have you been thinking about it?" Those questions would be enough to spark some type of response. But the response better be honest if there are real problems involved. Only you know if your woman if acting "different"…call her on it…and see why. Simple questions can help you avoid complicated feelings and to avoid doing something regrettable.

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