Improve Your Love Life….Stop Having Sex In The Dark

By Howard Frank

Improving sex for couples can be as simple as stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something different. Now there are no real statistics for this but I would place a fairly large wager that most people have sex in the dark. If you are looking at ways improving sex for couples then try starting with this one, don’t have sex in the dark.


There are times when the romantic comes out in us and we may light a few candles to heighten the mood. You have to admit that the change in lighting does have an effect on us but I want to go deeper than that. In order to really find ways of improving sex for couples you should take the time and think about all the different ways you can use lighting in your sex life.


Without any major expenditures you can create lighting to simulate a dark and mysterious setting, perhaps a high profile fashion shoot is something you have always dreamed about. Either way, using lighting can seriously set the tone for a sexual encounter or help add to a sexual fantasy you are playing out.


Whatever the case may be, lighting is a perfect way for improving sex for couples. The key is to be creative, think about the kind of mood you are trying to create and then make it happen. Having great sex is about stepping out side of our comfort zone, being open to trying new things and also to be proactive in thinking about ways of improving sex for couples. Make the effort and you will reap the benefits!


Howard Frank has a mission to help couples achieve a better sex life. Realize that improving your sex life is something that can be done and will really help you re-connect emotionally with your partner. 

3 replies
  1. Oriana
    Oriana says:

    keeping the lights on or off has nothing to do with body image it has more to do with my lack of enthusiasm showing on my face and breaking the mood.

  2. Tamela
    Tamela says:

    I think sometimes we don't want to even see ourselves and thats why its so hard for us to let our man see us. #Ijs

  3. Shayla
    Shayla says:

    Ok, this is too funny!!! My husband says this all the time! I dont know why but I dont feel comfortable and my husband and I have been married for 6 years. It's just really uncomfortable for me. I know I'm not the only one!

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