Is It Love OR Lust?

By George Wood

In a relationship it is very important to be able to tell the difference between love and lust. You have to define your own priorities first in order to judge your partners intentions. Love is profound, deep and infinite. Lust on the other hand is a temporary longing, a shallow feeling and one-dimensional craving. Relationships based entirely on lust are often very short-lived. Physical attraction is also the basis of love, so telling them apart sometimes becomes difficult.

Love is defined as an emotion which drives you to sacrifice everything you have for the person you love. You can test your partner by placing him/her in a compromising situation and seeing their reaction. Love is based on complete trust and mutual understanding. If the two of you argue a lot and then do not make any conscious efforts of making up afterwards, then chances are your relationship was merely based on lust and there was no love involved. Love has a positive effect on a relationship and even after fights your relationship strengthens because you come closer in making apologies and doing everything in your control to make each other happy.

Because a relationship based on lust is temporary, both partners will eventually start looking for other people to satisfy their needs. Lustful relationship could be fulfilling for a short time but they are disastrous in the long run. There are fights to no end, arguments over nothing and no respect for each other. Another noticeable difference between a loving relationship and a lustful relationship is that the latter starts with a much more passion. There are phone calls and dates that last all day long and in the beginning it seems as if there is nothing separating this couple. However, as time passes this passion dies down and their supposed love for each other gets forgotten and they start having fights and eventually break up.

People who are truly in love base their relationships on respect for each other, compromising behavior and selfless attitude. They are ready to sacrifice anything for their partner. Lustful relationship brings two people close only to have fun and both of them are selfish in their demands. They do not have any respect for their partner and do not have any commitment plans in their minds.  In order to save yourself from getting hurt you have to understand your partners real intentions behind going out with you and showering you with gifts. Make sure you two have good plans for your future life together and that both of you stick with those plans in order to realize them.

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  1. thearabmatch
    thearabmatch says:

    I do agree completely with you, love is something which can't be described in words, although on the other hand lust is also a natural behavior but whenever lust comes in any relationship, that relationship won't last long.

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