My Husband Is A Pedophile And I Don’t Know If I Should Stay Or Go

Dear Ayize and Ayana I am writing to ask your opinion of my situation.I married a man after only 2weeks after meeeting him I know big mistake. Well now after 16 months with him needless to say the marriage has fallen apart essentially. I now have no choice but to stay here or live on the street w my shool age child., as a homeless person. This may be a better choice because
I believe he is sexually involved w his 12 yr old dtr, and he may be trying to influence my grand son towards homosexuality. I know this sounds horrendous but if I there is no shelter available how can I justify leaving getting into a worse situation (ie being homeless and unemployed) thank u. only staying  for comfort sake am I wrong, ? I need to stop playing right.

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  1. Pat K.
    Pat K. says:

    If this lady doesn't leave (removing the children from a harmful situation), and report that she believes her husband is sexually abusing his daughter, her grandson (and potentially her minor child), she can be charged with failure to protect children. Her minor child can be removed from her care and custody (along with any other children she may have in the future). This will happen through her name being published on a Central Registry for Child Abuse & Neglect. Everytime a woman delivers a child in a hospital or clinic, the registry is checked. If her name appears on this registry, CPS is called, and the child will not be released to go home with the mother; a foster family is called to take the child home.
    These are the facts of failing to protect children. The person is just as guilty as the one causing direct harm to the children.

  2. Emily
    Emily says:

    This is very disturbing! YOU NEED TO LEAVE WITH BOTH CHILDREN IF POSSIBLE!!! Contact the police now!!! There are organizations out there that will help you! You are setting you and the children up for a disgusting family legacy! Also, this situation seems so black and white, are you a victim of molestation and/or some form of abuse? I pray that you make the right choice and no man is ever worth the safety of any child! No Man!!!

  3. Jackie H.
    Jackie H. says:

    I just can't…

  4. Oneofakindsistah
    Oneofakindsistah says:

    Before she leaves she should inform the police and social services! In doing so they may also be able to help her find temporary accommodation BUT her first priority is to stop this male from abusing children. I don't know how she could look, talk or lay down next to him let alone live with him!

  5. MasterMichelle
    MasterMichelle says:

    Yes girl you are very wrong. Leave him! !!!

  6. OQuendo
    OQuendo says:

    Very unfortunate situation. But the advice is valid; The woman needs to get out of that situation immediately! Find a homeless shelter or relative if possible, but there is absolutely no excuse for allow children to be abused, plain and simple regardless of whom they belong to.

  7. SweetMa4Life
    SweetMa4Life says:

    Wow!!! Just wow! I dont know how old this woman is… but she needs to seriously think like a responsible adult! I would NEVER put my child or anyones child in such an environment. I will be praying for her as well… I hope she sends u an update!

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